Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Eddie CHONG completed his Bachelor, MPhil and PhD degrees in ECE at HKUST, where he got his initial inspirations of future business - the basic of microelectronics and micro-LEDs. He and his supervisor were one of the earliest groups in the world involved in the development of micro-LED technology. In 2009, Eddie founded Voilatec when he was still a fresh graduate. The company dedicates in the development of new manufacturing process for high brightness and high-power LEDs. He and his team created a new fabrication process that can simplify the conventional process and lower manufacturing cost. In 2011, he established LEDoS Technology after he was awarded HK$150,000 as the startup fund in the HKUST entrepreneurship competition. The company envisioned to promote Micro-LED technology for different applications. 10 years after his first business, he started Raysolve Technology in 2019, in both Hong Kong and Suzhou, China. The company works on disruptive micro-LED microdisplay for augmented reality (AR) glasses, the technology becomes the world first using 8-inch Gallium-nitride wafer process. The market of micro-LED and AR is emerging, the company is growing strong and awarded angel fund and pre-series A financing. The team plans to launch the first full color micro-LED microdisplay in nearer future, using the wafer fab in Suzhou. After all, back to where he started, Eddie treasured every chance to work with faculty, senior students and alumni on start-up projects throughout the study life at ECE. He gained lots of hands-on experience of the cutting-edge micro-LED technology, in the meantime he actively participated in Robotic soccer team and Robocon team. Eddie is very impressed with the provision of great environment, facilities, and opportunities that had equipped him with both the in-depth knowledge in ECE and a mindset in entrepreneurship. Eddie CHONG Raysolve Technology BEng ’05 / MPhil ’07 / PhD ’15 10