Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Year Capstone Final Year Project Senior Courses • Choose at least 21 credits including at least two ELEC 4000-level courses Year University Core and Required Courses Year Engineering Introductory Courses Start with two ECE Introductory Courses: • Introduction to Electro-Robot Design • A System View of Communications: from Signals to Packets Engineering Fundamentals Mathematics, Science, Computing, Technical Communication Bioelectronics • Introduction to Biosensors and Bioinstrumentation • Medical Imaging • Statistical Signal Analysis and Applications in Neural Engineering Electromagnetics: From Wireless to Photonic Applications • Electromagnetics: from wireless to photonic applications • Engineering Optics • Photonics and Optical Communications • Display Technology Embedded Systems • Introduction to Embedded Systems • Digital Fundamentals and System Design • Embedded System Design • FPGA-based Design: From Theory to Practice • Mobile Embedded Systems: Hardware Platform, Software Development, and Applications Integrated Circuits and Systems • Introduction to Integrated Circuits and Systems • Introduction to Smart Electric Power Systems • CMOS VLSI Design • Analogue Integrated Circuits Design and Analysis • Integrated Power Electronics Microelectronic Devices and Technology • Microelectronic Devices and Technology • Semiconductor Materials and Devices • Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology • Fundamentals of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Signal Processing and Communications • Signal Processing and Communications • Computer Communication Networks • Digital Media and Multimedia Applications • Data-Driven Portfolio Optimization • Digital Communications and Wireless Systems • Digital Image Processing • Information Theory and Error-Correcting Codes System Modeling, Analysis and Control • System Modeling, Analysis and Control • Machine Learning and Information Processing for Robotics • Control System Design • Introduction to Robotics • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing • Deep Learning in Computer Vision • Robotic Manipulation and Mobility 1 4 2 & 3 BEng in Electronic Engineering Optional Minor > Minor Programs in Robotics > Minor Programs Sustainable Energy Engineering > IT Minor Research Option > Final Year Thesis (FYT) > 1-credit Postgraduate (PG) course > 6 credits of Advanced Elective Courses approved by advisor 13