Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Broaden the Horizon Student Life & Achievements Through a wide variety of enrichment programs, our graduates gain a well-rounded education that equips them for challenging and fulfilling careers. • Industrial Experience Our students have opportunities to take part in internships, which allows them to acquire solid working experience, sharpen their technical and interpersonal skills, and build valuable networks with professionals from the industry. • Corporate Final Year Project To foster a closer tie with the industry, our Department solicits collaboration opportunities in Corporate Final year projects. It provides an opportunity for students to participate the projects in real business settings, while enabling companies to explore new designs and ideas and identify potential employees. • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) UROP at HKUST is designed to provide undergraduate students with an exciting opportunity to engage in academic research, thereby helping them to develop insightful perspectives on their areas of interest, which allows students to immerse themselves in a variety of tailor-made research projects under the supervision of world-class professors. • ECE Students’ Society The Society aims to promote friendship and general welfare among members. Through a range of activities are organized every year so that the students can gain a deeper understanding of the School, the Department and their peers. It also strengthens the link between ECE students and other institution and industries. • Student Ambassador Student ambassadors are responsible to collect suggestions and comments about the department from other students in their year of study. They offer support to advise junior students for academic and non-academic matters and assist department in outreaching activities. 15