Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

When I was in year 1, I saw the recruitment poster from the HKUST robotics team. I was very fascinated by the underwater robot which was built by people slightly older than me. At that time, I was determined to be a part of the robotics team and would like to learn more hands-on experience in making robots. I joined the robotics team as a hardware member, then learned how to design PCB, systems controls, and most importantly met a group of friends from all around the world. During my robotics experience, I developed my interest in electronic engineering and decided to put this major as my first priority during major selection. HKUST gave me lots of opportunities and guidance, and I do hope I would be able to continue to contribute to the robotics industry. When I was in UG, I never considered doing a PhD. I thought doing PhD is equivalent to wanting to be an academician. Eventually, I learned that PhD study is more about questioning the status quo and coming up with something better and more useful, an exercise I would very much enjoy. Since the program itself will take at least 4 years to finish, I prioritize the people I will be working with, the feasibility to obtain the school supports, and the geological location when deciding where to go for PhD. In that sense, HKUST becomes a perfect fit. Jeffry WICAKSANA Indonesia BEng ’18 / PhD Year 3 Student Even though half of university life was conducted via online learning, disappointment has not occurred to me at all. Among the past few years in HKUST, it was very fruitful and satisfying in terms of knowledge and social interaction. Being an executive committee of ECESS has led me to embrace change and stepping out of my comfort zone, and gained valuable experience. Many thanks to those who have assisted and supported me throughout my learning journey. Whereas this satisfaction will not stop me to pursue further, there will always have more challenging things. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Chance favors the prepared mind. WONG Ho Hin Hong Kong BEng ’21 / MPhil Year 1 Student CHAN Cheuk Chee Angie Hong Kong BEng 2018 Intake Cohort 19