Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Mark MAK, co-founder of Roborn Technology, envisions to build a remarkable Hong Kong brand in robot design and technology. As a childhood dream, Mark had wished to build his own robot which can help society overcome major threats. He chose BEng in Electronic Engineering because the curriculum consists of multiple aspects of knowledge, ranging from microprocessor, programming to control system, which are necessary components for building robots. His inventions combine 5G connectivity, AI, IoT, Cloud to drive and develop wide range of robotic products and solutions. In fighting with the pandemic, Mark’s team developed Sau Wu – the first 5G Outdoor Disinfection Robot in Hong Kong – to enhance public hygiene and reduce the risk of virus transmission in public. It has been deployed at some public sectors such as the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), Customs and Excise Department and Harbor Office of the Development Bureau, and positive feedbacks were received from the departments and people in the neighborhood of the deployment sites (e.g. promenades). The team unceasingly develops different solutions to improve efficiency under the new normal. Freedom, a new 5G remote health diagnosis robot in Roborn, embedded with an integrated diagnosis camera system for high-quality image and video footage in real-time 2-way communication, providing convenient, reliable, efficient, and effective remote clinical service anytime anywhere with 5G technology. Freedom now is quickly gaining interest from the medical field. Based in Hong Kong and with office in Shenzhen and Jiangmen, leveraging resources in the Greater Bay Area, while continuing AI robotic solutions for property management and healthcare, Roborn will take the education sector as focus for upcoming development. Mark MAK Roborn Technology BEng ’05 / MPhil ’08 8