Innovation for Hong Kong's Upward Social Mobility

56 133劍橋科技園 134 6.4 Stimulate and Promote Knowledge Transfer in Hong Kong’s Universities 6.4.1 University is an important link in the national or regional technology and innovation system. The universities in Hong Kong rank among the best in the world in terms of research, but they are lackluster in terms of knowledge transfer. One of the reasons for this is that Hong Kong lacks large technology companies, so it is difficult to form an organic industry-academy-research ecosystem. 6.4.2 The position of Cambridge University in scientific research is undisputed, but it had not made much special achievements in knowledge transfer. After AstraZeneca announced the establishment of a global R&D Centre near Cambridge in 2014, it has quickly promoted the knowledge transfer of Cambridge University in biotechnology. The Cambridge Biomedical Park is currently the largest bioscience and medical research base in Europe. The development of the biological park has also promoted the development of scientific research. More than 20% of the Nobel Prize winners in medicine and chemistry worldwide are from Cambridge133. 6.4.3 In view of the successful experience of cooperating with large technology companies such as AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge University is currently actively promoting China’s Huawei to build a R&D center in a technology park near Cambridge. Huawei announced on June 25, 2020 that the first phase of its campus project in Cambridge has been approved by the local government. The investment scale is expected to be 1 billion pounds (approximately US$1.2 billion) and it will bring more than 400 jobs. After completion, it will become the headquarters of Huawei’s overseas optoelectronics business 134. Cambridge University expects Huawei to become another bright spot in the commercialization of science and technology by bringing the same effect in electronics and communication technology as AstraZeneca does in biotechnology 6 Develop Technology and Innovation Industries and Foster Upward Social Mobility