Innovation for Hong Kong's Upward Social Mobility

60 6.4.13 The promotion of technology transfer from Hong Kong’s universities, combined with the development of the Loop, is bound to attract large overseas technology companies to settle in Hong Kong. The settlement of large overseas science and technology enterprises in Hong Kong will in turn provide incentives for the knowledge transfer of Hong Kong universities. In addition, the promotion of knowledge transfer will also provide a steady stream of projects for young people in Hong Kong to start their businesses in science and technology. Figure 6.6 shows the innovation ecology created by promoting knowledge transfer in universities. Figure 6.6 The Innovation Ecology Created by Promoting Knowledge Transfer in Universities Encourage and promote knowledge transfer from Hong Kong’s universities, especially to local enterprises Encourage large-scale mainland and foreign technology companies to settle in Hong Kong, realize industry diversification, and cultivate entrepreneurial talents Make good use of the development of the Lok Ma Chau Loop to make it a gathering place for mainland and overseas enterprises and talents to overcome the shortage of R&D talents and the lack of entrepreneurship talent cultivation mechanism in Hong Kong. Technological entrepreneurship of youth in Hong Kong 6 Develop Technology and Innovation Industries and Foster Upward Social Mobility