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Prof. Wang’s Douyin account, “Research Universe,” is where he explains everything from black holes and wormholes to the speed of light. As an academic, he finds the worlds of social media and popular science incredibly refreshing. The high traffic means more people can pursue an interest in science and see his work, and the short videos have proven to be especially interesting for younger audiences. Prof. Wang sees popular science not as a frivolous pastime, but as a way to contribute to society. He believes the world has a right to know what scientists and researchers are working on. In a remarkable example of life coming full circle, in 2011 Prof. Wang was invited to contribute to the physics 99 and mathematics volumes of the sixth edition of One Hundred Thousand Whys. He was honored, and the invitation became a turning point in his popular-science work. He has since collaborated with Douyin to record a video version that opens with the question “Why does the speed of light remain the same?” Spending time creating Douyin videos that make science accessible for all has only further encouraged Prof. Wang’s scientific curiosity. In his work, Prof. Wang is putting in motion the amazing scientific discoveries of the future. The real impact of his current research may not be felt for 100 years or more, but the answers are out there. And he believes we all have a right to be excited about them.