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Training System was the perfect avenue for her to pursue both paths. It provides a holistic support system for high-performance athletes pursuing international success, while allowing them to continue their studies in Hong Kong. For Hiu-Yau, this meant following her interest in science and technology with the aspirations to improve the quality of life of Hong Kong citizens, and enrolling as an undergraduate in the School of Engineering at HKUST. It was during this time that Hiu-Yau realized how important finding balance would become in her life, and how great challenges, and rewards, awaited her. First up, settling into a study rhythm at HKUST. Having always respected While some might think of figure skating as a recreational activity, HiuYau never has. For her, it’s always been a professional athletic sport, one that has changed her life and been her dominating focus. Recognizing that making it as a figure skater means embracing the energy and dexterity of youth, in Form Four, she made the bold decision to devote more time and energy to figure skating, becoming a full-time elite athlete under the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI). Yet, she had another dream — the desire to flex her intellectual curiosity and achieve academically. Thankfully, Hiu-Yau didn’t have to sacrifice her academic dreams to become a fulltime elite athlete. The HKSI Elite What I have learnt throughout my athletic career is not just sports techniques and skills, but the diverse learning experiences beyond the textbooks that have broadened my horizons and enabled me to develop positive personal traits.