To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

23 loomed. Diversification was imperative, and Celia stepped up to the challenge swiftly. Seeing how the company needed to switch strategies quickly, she realized the challenge was to embrace being a non-airline business, almost overnight. She sought support from Kellogg-HKUST which connected her with alumni, and senior professionals around the world, who offered their counsel. She spoke with logistics and tech experts, and was able to develop a strategy that worked, turning the company into an e-commerce platform specializing in cargo, food and beverage, logistics, and more. Humbled by how the alumni were willing to help, Celia describes those she met, spoke to, and worked with as like family — even though she’d only been a student for a week! The experience was defining for her: “I’m totally flexible and scared of nothing these days,” she says. “I know that whatever I want to dive into, I have this big pool of professionals behind me.” Attending the program enabled Celia to upgrade her skills and knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. She was excited to learn from world-class professors, join engaging class discussions and group projects, and meet remarkable people during networking events. Seeing the parallels and being able to transfer her learning to her work immediately has been the confirmation she needed that she made the right choice. As a result, as the world begins to open up to travel once more, Celia, and AirAsia Hong Kong and Macao, are poised and ready for a new age of aviation.