To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

27 determination and innovative spirit served him well in his PhD at MIT, his subsequent teaching at Princeton, and the founding of his company. AutoX employs advanced artificial intelligence with ultra-high-resolution sensors mounted on the cars, allowing them to steer even more effectively. Their Gen5 system, for example, enables RoboTaxis to detect delivery scooters several hundred meters behind the vehicles. In 2020, AutoX established an 80,000-square-foot RoboTaxi operations center in Shanghai. The center collects and processes data from daily operations and simulations — tech that acts as the backbone of the company. To date, AutoX has built a network of over 10 RoboTaxi operations centers in major cities and five research and development centers around the world. Professor X has published numerous papers that outline how his team teaches machines to understand and interact with the world. As an expert in deep learning, Professor X’s unique approach continues to give AutoX an edge over competitors — and gain recognition for his innovation. He has been named on the MIT Technology Review’s "35 Innovators Under 35" list — a remarkable recognition for someone whose innovation is driving the future of mobility.