To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

At HKUST I have had the freedom to adapt my teaching to respond to the real world, adopt a teaching style that resonates, and collaborate with colleagues to develop content and teaching that is most valuable to our students. Even to this day, dinner-table conversation in the Lau household often revolves around what makes a business successful. Unsurprisingly, all four sons followed their father to HKUST — even taking some of his courses. “Even though we had been taught business indirectly for 20 years,” says Joshua, Prof. Lau’s eldest son, “we would all still try our best to attend dad’s classes after we were accepted to HKUST.” Each son has gratefully experienced the diversity of the HKUST student community. “The community is diverse, ambitious, and creative,” says Nathan, Prof. Lau’s youngest son. He and his brothers have a unique and valuable perspective on the world that continues to serve them in their academic and work lives. This is something they share with their father. “Diversity at HKUST is night and day compared to my time in the US 40 years ago,” comments Prof. Lau. “It is something we should not take for granted and must strive to maintain if the university wants to remain competitive on a global level.”