To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

professional at every step, furthering his personal and career development. Kyu Tae describes the ICRC as “the greatest institution in the humanitarian sector”. He adds, “it’s the first international humanitarian agency established, with over 150 years of history, and its operations are mandated by the Geneva Conventions with hundreds of signatory states… ICRC does activities that nobody else does, like visiting detainees in conflict zones — the last person anyone would care for... We are literally on the front line fighting against inhumanity.” In 2020-2021, the traineeship opened many doors for Kyu Tae, and he was excited to find it was not like an ordinary internship. He was given responsibility in his role with the Resource Mobilization Division: he once prepared and accompanied the first-ever meeting between ICRC Director-General and South Korean lawmakers, and counseled the team on the engagement, which contributed to South Korea’s continued political and financial support to the organization. Surrounded by colleagues who shared his positive vision for the future, he was encouraged to be diligent and There are so many great people here who are genuinely passionate about their job and really care about the world we are living in. People influence each other, and I’ve found my colleagues’ vision for the future of the world has inspired me.