To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

67 are truly priceless,” she says. Inspired by her own upbringing and earlier education experience, she encourages her students to explore their personal identity, accepting not only their strengths but the weaknesses as well. She also supervises students under the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, and one of her students won the undergraduate research award in 2020. She believes the learning process should start from the students themselves, so she allows students to choose their own topics for term papers, as part of their selfguided learning experience. Since Prof. Liem started teaching at HKUST, her talent, creativity, and expertise have come into their own. Students recognize her as an ally and a creative and energetic teacher, someone who will empower them to have their say. She’s fostered a relationship between students and faculty that’s a boon to HKUST’s aerospace program and paves the way for the university’s future in the field — after all, today’s bright young students are tomorrow’s leaders. Every day she strives to be a good role model and mentor to younger generations, and she’s not done learning yet. “Let our students be our best teachers,” Prof. Liem says. “There is still so much for us to learn.”