To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

Combining academia and an entrepreneurial spirit, Prof. Yan established his company eFlexPV as a vehicle for commercializing his research and technology for societal impact. The technology start-up works on developing and commercializing highly efficient and stable third-generation OPV materials, devices, and modules, as well as exploring prototypes of OPV products for different markets. The potential applications for the technology include installing solar panels in buildings and The momentum for Prof. Yan and his team has continued, as they demonstrated how their technology could compete with silicon-based solar cells (SiSCs). Unlike traditional SiSCs, OSCs are semi-transparent, flexible, color-tunable, and eco-friendly. These benefits expand potential applications — they can be used indoors, on vehicles, on buildings, and even portably — making it possible for different places, products, or infrastructure installations to self-power using solar energy. With further and long-term study, highly efficient and stable organic solar cells can be realized in the near future, which would finally facilitate our transition to a society supported by sustainable energy solutions.