MTPC News - Summer 2023 (Issue 5)

After months of planning and extensive renovation, the revamped MTPC's Digital Learning Studio (DLS) is now open for service. Besides the existing cycloramic wall and edge-blend projection, the DLS boasts an array of new features that support innovative teaching and learning. S U M M E R Read more ISSUE 5 Revamped Digital Learning Studio Open for Service 2 23

Design for Cantonese Opera Exhibition Following the success of the 2021 exhibition "Between Europe and Asia: Traditional Music and Costumes from Central Asia, Caucasus, and the Middle East," MTPC teamed up once again with the HKUST Library, the Shaw Auditorium Unit, and Center for the Arts to present a new exhibition featuring the Cantonese opera repertoire and costumes. With the joint efforts of the working teams, the exhibition was created to provide visitors with an immersive experience, featuring multimedia content, interactive displays, exhibition panels showcasing famous Cantonese opera scenes, and a 3D pop-up exhibition booklet as a souvenir of the event. New HKUST Video Channel The HKUST Video Channel has recently undergone a major update, incorporating several new features to enhance user experience. These include mobile responsiveness, which allows users to access the channel on-the-go, and AI-generated closed captioning, which improves the view experience for all users. Additionally, the channel now also features vertical videos, which are optimized for viewing on smartphones. Furthermore, the channel has introduced a speci c tier of viewers for HKUST alumni, providing them with more HKUST exclusive content. Additionally, the channel's content is now fully accessible to HKUST(GZ) audiences, expanding its reach and impact beyond the Hong Kong area. Release of Student Work Request System To facilitate the use of MTPC printing and CMZ services by students, a dedicated Worked Request System is now released to enable students to place their printing requests and book CMZ facilities through their smartphone. The system will be very handy for students who need to produce display posters for their research presentations. They can also request digital printing of their dissertations, different types of binding for their assignments, laminating for documents, digital cutting and even 3D printing for their maker projects. Student can also book CMZ’s Studio, Editing Suite and loan equipment using the newly launched Student Work Request System.

HKUST Drupal Training Video Following the successful Drupal Training Workshops and based on feedback from participants, MTPC has created a series of Drupal training videos. These videos allow users to review the procedures for creating a Drupal website using the HKUST Drupal Builder. The series includes 13 training videos that cover a range of topics, starting from the basics of using the Builder, such as producing the main menu, adding links and background images, editing text, and inserting images, to more advanced topics, such as con guring headers and footers, changing sections and blocks display order, creating photo albums and news, and setting site information and CSS classes. Colleagues are encouraged to access these videos through the MTPCHANNEL at the HKUST Video Channel. These training videos provide a valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve their Drupal website building skills or to refresh their memory on how to use the HKUST Drupal Builder. Credit Bearing Technical Theater Arts Course MTPC, in collaboration with the Division of Emerging Interdisciplinary Areas, organized the rst credit-bearing course titled "Technical Theater Arts Course (EMIA2500A)" during the Spring 2023 semester. This course was designed for students who are interested in stage management, lighting, sound, and video setup. The course was conducted in the main hall of the Shaw Auditorium (SA) and was fully supported by MTPC's Technical Team in SA. Experienced professionals in related elds were invited to speak and supervise practical training sessions. Additionally, site visits to performing group and tour to the West Kowloon Cultural District were arranged to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of real-world theater operation. The course culminated in a capstone project in the form of a theater performance on May 6, which was successfully completed by the students. Our Design Team and Printshop have created a range of customizable gifts that are both stylish and practical. Featuring HKUST's unique identity, these items are highly popular among our users and can be ordered in small quantities. With options to add event titles and recipients' names, each item can be personalized to make a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Our designer and Printshop are always available to help you create a bespoke item that perfectly ts your needs. Don't miss out on the chance to showcase your HKUST pride - check out our eStore today and discover the possibilities! Try MTPC’s Gift Ideas for your next Event

Exploring AI Generative Art in CMZ To explore the exciting development of AI generative art, especially its implications in the creative process of art and design, a workshop on "Creating with Prompt: The possibilities of Generative AI Art in design " was recently organized by the Creative Media Zone of MTPC. The workshop introduced and demonstrated a number of most popular tools for creating AI generative art. It also highlighted the potential for AI generative art to be used in a variety of applications, from web design to packaging, and from product design to architecture. More workshops on Al generative art will be organized to explore its potentials in photography and videography, so stay tuned for more information! AI Generative Art Workshop Explore the world of AI generative art at the Creative Media Zone (CMZ) in Library's Learning Commons! Leonardo.AI, one of the most popular AI generative art tools, is now available on all computers in the Editing Suites of CMZ. To get started, simply book a time slot and use any of the ready-to-go AI image models. Moreover, the new Photoshop (beta) app, which integrates generative AI and Adobe Fire y, is also installed. With its powerful "Generative Fill" function, users can add or remove content, replace parts of an image, and extend its edges in minutes. If you need technical support, don't hesitate to ask the student helper at the counter. They are always happy to assist you in your AI art exploration journey.