HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 8 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 OVERVIEW Materiality Contents Environment Social/People Governance/ Driver Sustainability Initiatives ESG Frameworks antial progress Sustainable nt Goal #6 Clean Water on by limiting potable mption to less than ic meters by 2028 Landscape and Biodiversity Utilize the campus landscape as an active resource for research, sustainability experimentation, and community engagement Community Well-being Establish a framework for measuring the well-being of the campus community, and include specific measures for continuous improvement amlining efforts, we will reduce utilities burdens while creative the conditions for people to thrive. 53% Waste Reduction compared to baseline year 4 Days of Special Leave for staff volunteering work opportunities Building Our Community valent to HK$100M are received for donation to support students to develop smart and sustainable solutions jects valent to Collaboration on SSC Net-Zero Journey: Innovation Challenge by Clearwater Bay and Guangzhou campus ities Program 47,000 Students are engaged across the eight universities in events and promotions Award in 2022 Network Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme was launched to support students to become more sustainable and responsible consumers g laboratory for experiential learning, developing sustainable operations, and building a vibrant and engaged community. n 2015 to establish targets and performance goals in 4 areas of focus: operations, education, community, demonstration. e to expand on the 4 focus areas to become a carbon neutral, zero waste, and net positive environmental impact campus. we will have a campus filled with -site demonstration projects ribute to campus sustainability le showcasing the work of HKUST ers as contributors to solving global bility challenges. By 2028 we will have an engaged community forming a Sustainability Network that serves as a core social backbone to support and advance sustainability actions and policies across departments, schools, and the campus. 60 25