HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 25 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 Natural Resources are Managed to Respect the Welfare of Ecosystems, People, and Animals HKUST is on the shores of Clear Water Bay, which has a rich biodiverse ecosystem. To minimize any possible adverse impacts on biodiversity, we are determined to manage and protect our natural ecosystem. To achieve such a goal, we introduced a new sustainable landscape strategy that covers various locations in HKUST. Regarding pond and water features, we maintain and revitalize Chinese garden pond at peak quality, preserving locally adapted plants. A landscape performance contract engages a contractor to ensure meeting all performance goals to reach the incentive benchmark. Through bi-monthly meetings, we encourage active engagement of contractors and ensure incentives for frontline workers for improving the landscape. We are also planning to create a biodiversity map that shows an interactive campus map with flora and fauna. The importance of having smart consumer behavior for a sustainable future is essential. HKUST introduced the University’s Sustainability Guidelines to encourage university offices to include sustainability practices that help to minimize negative environmental effects. One of the guidelines is Green Office Purchasing Guideline which gives recommendations to offices for purchasing eco-friendly appliances, equipment, supplies, and stationery products. Such purchased products by every department must meet certain corresponding standard. These will enhance the consciousness of the university community’s sustainable consuming behavior. We are committed to establishing a sustainable campus environment by expanding the community to contractors as well. This expansion would urge them to sustainably use resources and build a healthy environment. We are not only internally focused on protecting our ecosystem since nature is shared with larger stakeholders. HKUST will have the same expectations as contractors regarding the requirements that we have established. With the understanding of the importance of education on natural resources, HKUST is actively developing biodiversity education with Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department for high school students on ocean science. We are organizing many programs such as bee ambassador and building a community garden to raise awareness of maintaining the ecosystem and biodiversity. HKUST also invites talks from Hong Kong Jockey Club to discuss methods and policies to reduce marine pollution. Natural Resources As climate change progresses, biodiversity loss is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Deterioration of the environment and depletion of natural resources are complex problems that require immediate solutions. Considering our dependency on biodiversity, HKUST is committed to protecting our ecosystem and managing natural resources for a sustainable and prosperous future.