HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 5 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 Anticipated Deliverables Develop a Net-Zero Carbon by 2050 Roadmap (Action Plan) which will include short-term goals and KPIs that are consistent with long-term targets and timelines of HKUST and HKUST(GZ) Support the creation of more ambitious campus research and demonstration programs that can create a proof of concept for various net-zero approaches, policies, and technologies. Identify resource constraints and ensure that actions are properly staffed and resourced Emphasize net-zero carbon goals within triennium Strategic Plans Develop a Life Cycle Hub as the first of several active community collaboration centers that focus on providing resources for sponsored research and training for the broader community in building specific sustainability-minded skillsets (e.g., systems thinking, life cycle analysis, complex problem solving, futures thinking). 1 5 2 3 4 Anticipated Deliverables