Postgraduate Prospectus 2024-25


01 FOUNDED IN 1991, HKUST HAS BEEN A BEACON OF EXCELLENCE... Top Asian University (THE Asia University Rankings, 2023) #7 World Leading or Internationally Excellent Research Work among Universities in Hong Kong (Research Assessment Exercise 2020, University Grants Committee) #1 World's Top Young University (THE Young University Rankings, 2023) #2

02 World’s Top Executive MBA Program (Financial Times Global EMBA Rankings, 2022) #1 in Hong Kong #1 in Greater China #3 Global University Employability (Global University Employability Ranking, 2022) #30 AND A BIRTHPLACE OF INNOVATION

03 WE MAKE A CHANGE TO MEET THE FUTURE The world is facing unprecedented challenges — global health and environmental sustainability are under threat, while the aging crisis is becoming unignorable. Advancements in AI and robotics are also bringing about disruptive innovation, reshaping the way we live and work. Join us in our commitment to tackle these problems and be a part of the solution.

04 Overcome Existing Boundaries Advance HKUST’s long-standing commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration to the next level by offering cross-disciplinary programs in Hubs and Thrust Areas at HKUST(GZ) while existing Schools and Departments at HKUST will continue to provide in-depth studies in parent disciplines. By bridging academic disciplines, the University enables and facilitates collaborations among members with a wide range of expertise that will lead to mission-encouraged, system-wide solutions. Trend-Setting Academic Framework Encourage more purpose-focused efforts and mission-motivated research to address the needs of society in a rapidly changing world, while continuing curiosity-driven efforts that form the core of disciplines. Unified HKUST–Complementary Campuses Expand the University's vision in a dual framework for disciplinary and cross-disciplinary pursuits with the introduction of HKUST(GZ), which was officially established in 2022. HKUST’s strategies to meet the future:


Postgraduate Students from 60 Countries and Regions from Africa,Asia Pacific, Central & South America, Europe and North America Data as of Dec 2022 English as Medium of Instruction 7000+ Postgraduate Students 75%+ Non-local Students 06

WE EXCEL IN RESEARCH AND INVIGORATE YOUR DREAMS World Leading or Internationally Excellent Research Work among Universities in Hong Kong Research Assessment Exercise 2020, University Grants Committee #1 100% Faculty with PhD Degree* from World-Renowned Universities *Tenure-track faculty (Assistant Professor or above) and research-track faculty ~100 Research Institutes, Centers and Joint Labs in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area 740+ Faculty from 40 Countries & Regions Data as of Apr 2023 07

Responding proactively to global challenges and nurturing talents to meet these demands, HKUST adopts a two-fold approach: the launch of '30 for 30' talent acquisition campaign targeting first-class faculty in strategic areas and the development of key emerging research areas. Faculty Profiles Explore More Strategic Areas for ‘30 for 30’ Talent Acquisition Campaign • Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine • Material Science and Future Energy • AI - Future Computing and Electronics • Innovation for Business Management • Environmental Science - Sustainability and Green Tech • Art Tech, Humanities and Social Science National Labs and Centers State Key Laboratories (SKL) • SKL of Molecular Neuroscience • SKL of Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies Chinese National Engineering Research Center (CNERC) • CNERC for Tissue Restoration and Reconstruction • CNERC for Control and Treatment of Heavy Metal Pollution Emerging Research Areas • Aging Science and Technology • Sports Science and Technology • Marine Robotics and Blue Economy • Quantum Science and Technology • Smart Manufacturing Key Research Institutes • Big Data Institute • Biotechnology Research Institute • Brain and Intelligence Research Institute • Cheng Kar-Shun Robotics Institute • Energy Institute • GREAT Smart Cities Institute • HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) • Institute for Emerging Market Studies • Institute for Public Policy • Institute for the Environment • Sino Software Research Institute • William Mong Institute of Nano Science and Technology 08

UNIFIED HKUST, COMPLEMENTARY CAMPUSES The ever more complex problems facing society have called for both curiosity-driven and mission-motivated research. Under the ‘Unified HKUST-Complementary Campuses’ framework, HKUST and HKUST(GZ) are closely linked, academically synergistic, and complementary in addressing world-wide challenges to advance humanity. Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link HONG KONG GUANGZHOU <1 Hour between HKUST(GZ) and Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station 09

Officially established in 2022, HKUST(GZ) is a realized dream of HKUST. Thinking Forward Upholding the spirit of HKUST in academic excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship, HKUST(GZ) adheres to its vision to push the frontiers of knowledge and research. Breaking Grounds HKUST(GZ) adopts an innovative pedagogy and a cross-disciplinary active learning model which blends enquiry-based and problem-focused learning. Elevating Learning Courses and central research facilities at HKUST and HKUST(GZ) are open to students and researchers both ways. Students will find ample cross-campus study opportunities . Bridging Gaps Strategically located in Nansha, south of Guangzhou, HKUST(GZ) helps facilitate the development of the Greater Bay Area while striving to become a world-class institution in the area. 10

HKUST and HKUST(GZ), with their respective pedagogical approaches, are synergistically connected. With the former being curiosity-driven and the latter mission-motivated, our unique academic structure is designed to tackle today's complex global issues. HKUST offers disciplinary programs through their well-established Schools and the Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies, while HKUST(GZ) trail-blazes a cross-disciplinary approach featuring four Hubs serving as a nexus among disciplines, under which are the Thrust Areas representing key emerging areas for mission-focused cutting-edge research. UNIQUE ACADEMIC STRUCTURE, BOUNDLESS POSSIBILITIES 11

Timothy Joseph HENARES from The Philippines MPhil Student in Environmental Science, Policy and Management Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program Awardee HKUST has truly shaped my will to succeed. I had the privilege of collaborating with different professors offering unique mentoring styles and research topics, and sharing my research at conferences in Hong Kong and overseas. Dominik MADEJ from Poland PhD Student in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering HK PhD Fellowship Awardee I enjoy my research experience at HKUST, where I can bring my own ideas to life and receive helpful feedback from the faculty. HKUST provides me with freedom, support, and opportunities to unleash my research potential. Maria Vittoria ALFONSI from Italy PhD Student in Life Science HK PhD Fellowship Awardee The University's stimulating and challenging environment allows me to grow and blossom not only in my academic pursuits but also on a personal level. I consider this an extraordinary chapter in my life. Cross-Campus Study Opportunities • To encourage collaboration between HKUST and HKUST(GZ), students have opportunities for cross-campus study and access to research facilities on both campuses. • With the University's enlarged scope and additional resources, students are empowered to pursue their passion and engage in in-depth research from multiple angles to tackle real-world problems in the 21st century. 12

DIVERSE OPTIONS, MYRIAD OPPORTUNITIES With the firm academic pillars established by the five Schools/Academy at HKUST and the innovative academic structure with the four Hubs at HKUST(GZ), you will be offered numerous bidirectional opportunities to stretch your vision and realize your dream. 165+ Wide-Ranging Postgraduate Programs Information Hub Function Hub Systems Hub Society Hub School of Science School of Engineering HKUST Business School School of Humanities and Social Science Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies HKUST(GZ) HKUST 13

Dr. Mahdi NIKDAST from Iran Associate Professor at Colorado State University PhD Graduate in Electronic and Computer Engineering Choosing HKUST is one of the best decisions I've ever made. The courses I took, the rewarding talks and seminars offered and the high-quality research conducted here all helped me realize my dream to become a professor. Programs @ HKUST Programs @ HKUST(GZ) We offer two types of postgraduate studies: Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2 years (Full-time) 3 or 4 years (Full-time), depending on entry qualification Research Programs Normative Study Duration Short-Term Studies @ HKUST(GZ) We welcome quality and enthusiastic students from all over the world to conduct research or take courses on short-term basis. Short-Term Studies - Get a Taste of Study Life Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Arts (MA) Master of Science (MSc) Master of Public Management (MPM) Master of Public Policy (MPP) Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) 1 to 2 years (Full-time) 1.5 to 4 years (Part-time), depending on individual programs Taught Programs Normative Study Duration 14 Short-Term Studies @ HKUST

15 WE NURTURE VERSATILITY To enhance your all-round growth and professional career development, we provide ample resources and practical opportunities to equip you with comprehensive transferable skills. Discipline-specific Professional Development Course • Equip students with knowledge and skills for the development and advancement of their professional career inside and outside academia Professional Development Course • University-level Professional Development Course on - Entrepreneurship - Self-management - Career Development - Professional Conduct - Communication Skills - Research Competency

16 Maria Joscelind ALVINA from Indonesia PhD Student in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering HK PhD Fellowship Awardee As a teaching assistant and a hall tutor, I have developed communication, teaching, and leadership skills that help me grow as a researcher and a person. All these are invaluable to my future endeavors. Dr. Hao DONG from Mainland China Boya Young Fellow at Peking University and Assistant Professor at Center for Social Research of Guanghua School of Management MPhil and PhD Graduate in Social Science HK PhD Fellowship Awardee I benefited greatly from HKUST's globally leading faculty makeup, excellent postgraduate training, and international, interdisciplinary research vision. The generous funding supported me to go on several conference trips and research visits. Janghoon SHON from South Korea PhD Student in Finance HK PhD Fellowship Awardee As a Teaching Assistant, I got to meet a lot of different students with questions that have never crossed my mind. Learning how to handle them is an inspiring experience. Training for Graduate Teaching Assistants • Strengthen students’ competence in teaching and equip them with basic teaching skills • Provide them with practical opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in teaching Research Funding Opportunities • Overseas Research Award & Greater Bay Area Research Award • UGC Research Travel Grant • Croucher Studentships and more…

WE INCUBATE BRILLIANCE in Greater China Global University Employability Ranking, 2022 #3 in the World Global University Employability Ranking, 2022 #30 Recruiters from international and local companies in a wide range of industries 320+ When you make your passion your profession, you will be giving your best gift to meet the needs of the world. Let's find that gift. 17

Frank WANG from Mainland China Founder and CEO at DJI MPhil Graduate in Electronic and Computing Engineering I started my company in the first year of my PG studies and received a lot of help from professors who believed in my dream. Dr. Teresa LAW from Hong Kong Co-Founder and Managing Director at AKOS Advanced Technology Ltd PhD Graduate in Chemistry The path of an entrepreneur is a battle that never ends, but we always come up with solutions. That’s the HKUST spirit. Dr. Jan VOSECKY from Czech Republic Head of Product at Re-Hub PhD Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering HKUST offers not only a fulfilling research experience but also lots of opportunities outside studies that will help you grow and realize your talents. We build things from scratch and transform ideas into action. This is the place to nurture your entrepreneurial dreams and let them soar. Competitions • HKUST-Sino One-Million-Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition • hackUST • HKUST X SOW Asia Social Good Entrepreneurship Case Competition • Hong Kong Techathon and more... In 2022-23 • 910+ Postgraduates participated in University-wide entrepreneurship events • HK$2,270,000+ approved for entrepreneurship projects led by postgraduates for various sectors (Data as of Jun 2023) Facilities • HKUST Entrepreneurship Center • HKUST R and D Corporation Limited • Office of Knowledge Transfer Explore More 18

A VIBRANT LIFE @HKUST Rich Array of Library Resources Extensive Sports and Recreational Facilities Diverse Arts and Cultural Offerings 19

Full Support to Student Development and Well-being Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab Explore More 20

A VIBRANT LIFE @HKUST(GZ) Athletic Village with Extensive Facilities Dynamic Student Experience 21

Diverse Library Resources Well-being Support Inspirational Smart Green Campus Explore More 22

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