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The School of Business and Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (the HKUST Business School) is committed to advancing global business knowledge and developing business leaders in Asia. Our highly international environment has formed a vibrant community of like-minded scholars who aspire to extend the frontiers of business knowledge. We are recognized locally and globally, as reflected in prestigious rankings and research standings. Our Kellogg-HKUST Executive Program has set an unprecedented record of world’s No.1 for eleven times in the Financial Times Global EMBA chart. Our research stands out among all local universities, as attested in the UGC Research Assessment Exercise 2020, in which our School takes on the No.1 overall standing in the Business & Economics Panel - as “World Leading” and “Internationally Excellent”. Underpinned by a strong spirit of innovation, our postgraduate degree programs aim to nurture global business talent. Welcome you to join our well-established research and taught programs of diverse disciplines. We will provide an abundance of in-depth knowledge for you to harness new opportunities in today’s rapidly transforming world. To explore the possibilities in our extensive postgraduate programs, please visit our website at I look forward to meeting you on our campus soon. Prof. Kar Yan TAM Dean of Business and Management Welcome 2 Business School Linkedin

1st 1,700+ Postgraduate Students from 40+ Nationalities 35,000+ Alumni from 100+ Nationalities in Hong Kong for Full-Time MBA Program2 1st in Hong Kong Overall Standing in Research3 1st in the World for Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program1 90+ Partners from 35+ Countries 150+ Faculty from 25+ Nationalities 1st in Asia for Business School Research4 HKUST BUSINESS SCHOOL 1 Financial Times Global EMBA Rankings, 2007, 2009-2013, 2016-2018, 2020, 2022 2 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings, 2008-2022 3 UGC Research Assessment Exercise 2020 (Business and Economics Panel) 4 Top 100 Business School Research Rankings by University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), 2005-2022 3 Data as of April, 2023

School of SCIENCE 4 Research Foci Research Foci The School works at the forefront of research in each of its Departments. Some of the research areas covered by our innovative faculty members are as follows: Department of Accounting Faculty members focus mainly on: financial accounting and capital markets, machine learning and big data, environmental, social and governance (ESG), cryptocurrency and blockchain, international accounting, financial media, debt contracting, auditing, and Chinarelated topics. Department of Economics Besides microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, the Department’s research areas focus on: economic growth and development, industrial organization, international economics, China economy, experimental and behavioral economics, monetary and financial economics, and labor economics. Department of Finance The Department’s main areas of research are broad. Besides traditional topics like asset pricing, corporate finance, financial contracts and institutions, behavioral finance, and international financial markets, we also focus on new developments, such as big data/ machine learning/ AI in finance, financing ESG improvements, sustainability, and fintech. Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management The Department comprises two divisions: Information Systems and Operations Management, each with their own areas of focus. Information Systems There are two key areas of research focus in the division of Information Systems: (1) Business IT •Fintech: Big data analytics, AI, text and sentiment analysis, blockchain and cryptocurrency • IT strategy and organization: Technology use and implementation, human computer interaction • IT policy: cybersecurity, privacy, technology regulation (2) Digital Platforms • Crowdsourcing: Crowd funding, innovation contests, idea competitions • Social media: Online sales and advertising, online communities, user generated content •Electronic commerce: platform economics, mobile commerce, two-sided markets Operations Management This division includes two streams: Operations Management and Statistics. Operations Management area focuses on supply chain contracting, information sharing in supply chains, interface of marketing and supply chain management, inventory management, behavioral operations management, and business analytics. Business Statistics concentrates on machine/ statistical learning with applications to financial/ business data, high-frequency and/ or highdimensional financial data analysis, large portfolio management, personalization with applications in medicine/ finance, and financial time series modeling.

5 Department of Management The main areas of research include topics related to organizational theory and strategic management including venture capital and venture governance, innovation, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, institutions and status, organizational learning, behavioral strategy, social networks, non-market strategies, strategic alliances and multinational corporate strategy; topics related to human resources management and organizational behavior including artificial intelligence, social exchange processes, negotiation, decision-making, multiculturalism, behavioral ethics, leadership, workplace deviance, employment externalization, team processes and effectiveness, goal orientation, creativity, and diversity. Department of Marketing Research areas include: consumer information processing, judgment and decision-making, non-conscious consumer behavior, affect and emotions, attitudes and persuasion, goals and self-regulation, self and identity, social influence, lay beliefs, technology and consumer choice, field experiments, empirical models of consumers and firms, eye-tracking and spatial modeling, choice models, theory-based empirical models, Bayesian data analysis, information economics, retailing and marketing strategy, information and contract, media strategy, machine learning, business analytics, pricing, natural language processing, causal inference, AI generated content and generative AI marketing, online marketing, social media, advertising, sustainability.

School of SCIENCE 6 Taught Postgraduate Program Our PhD programs follow a strong researchintensive tradition on the North American model. They are designed to enable students to gain a deep knowledge of management in general, to develop a concentration in a specialized field, and to provide opportunities for students to do significant original research in their chosen area. Our PhD students are offered intensive and targeted research training and exceptional collaboration opportunities with faculty to prepare them for their future careers in teaching and/or research. The PhD programs have an initial period (2-2.5 years) of coursework, consisting of required optional research courses, inter-disciplinary research courses, and general management courses. Non-MPhil holders may be admitted through an integrated MPhil and PhD program study scheme. Doctor of Business Administration The HKUST DBA program is well-designed for senior executives who aspire to make a meaningful impact on business and society through practice-driven research. Leveraging our School’s globally recognized research excellence, this 4-year part-time doctorate program aims to enhance the students’ research capabilities for carrying out insightful applied research. Our students will undergo a rigorous academic journey with ample exposure to latest business research trends across disciplines and a series of dynamic residential programs to facilitate the thesis research. Our world-class faculty will provide professional training that will guide students to conduct high-quality applied research, enabling them to make informed and influential business decisions in an interconnected world. Programs available are as follows: Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting Doctor of Philosophy in Economics Doctor of Philosophy in Finance Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Management Doctor of Philosophy in Management Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing Further details at Research Postgraduate Programs DBA POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMS Enquiries MPhil and PhD Programs T: (852) 2358 8207 Doctor of Business Administration T: (852) 2358 5015

7 Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA A world-class, 18-month part-time program capitalizing on the strengths of the Kellogg School of Management and the HKUST Business School. Participants not only learn from top-notch faculty but also from a student body with extremely diverse backgrounds, industries and nationalities. The program encourages participants to think differently, look at their operations in a new way and relentlessly question and challenge. It is tailormade for senior executives who have attained positions of leadership in their organizations. It helps them raise the bar and understand the challenges ahead in a global context. HKUST Executive Master of Business Administration The HKUST Business School’s Executive MBA program is specifically designed for Chinesespeaking executives and entrepreneurs across all industries in the Greater China. We aim to set new standards for business education by enabling business leaders to develop truly global perspectives on the world economy. With this as a foundation, leaders can hone their leadership capacity for all contexts. Executive Master of Business Administration Programs The HKUST Business School’s Executive MBA is a world-class educational experience for senior executives to gain an elevated understanding of the current challenges in global business and explore the latest management tools and concepts. Participants are encouraged to challenge business conventions and further strengthen and enhance their management skills. Executives can select from three EMBA programs: Taught Postgraduate Programs EMBA Enquiries Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA T: (852) 2358 4180 HKUST EMBA T: (852) 2358 5790

Master of Science Our MSc programs offer a wide range of specialized educational disciplines designed to satisfy the global demand for professionally trained business executives. MSc 8 Master of Business Administration Programs Consistently ranked No. 1 in Hong Kong in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, HKUST MBA is designed for professionals who seek an international business education focused in Asia. Our program will grant you the global business acumen, digital competencies and leadership prowess that are essential to current and future leaders. You will study with top global talents with diverse career and cultural backgrounds, and learn from world-class faculty, who will bridge theory with practice to enlighten and inspire. As one of the most flexible curricula in Asia, you can customize your MBA study based on your needs. Through our cutting edge Business and Management courses, MBA exchange program and global network weeks, you will also gain the global vision and up-to-date business insights required to take your career to the next level. Four study modes are available: • Full-Time MBA Program • Part-Time MBA Program (Weekly Mode) • Part-Time MBA Program (Bi-Weekly Mode) • Digital MBA for Global Leaders (Part-time Online Mode) Taught Postgraduate Programs MBA HKUST-NYU Stern MS in Global Finance Jointly developed by the HKUST Business School and NYU Stern School of Business, the program is a one-year modular-based program, designed to offer finance professionals the opportunity to advance their knowledge and practices in global finance marketplace under the guidance of internationally recognized academics. The program takes the latest insights from Wall Street and the emerging Asian market and puts them into a global context. Classes are held in global locations. Participants are mostly experienced finance professionals from more than 10 countries all over the world. MSc in Accounting The program aims to give those with an interest in accounting related opportunity to further their study with a premier accounting curriculum at postgraduate level. The program is both practical and academically rigorous. It is based on a foundation of carefully designed courses and components, and intends to cultivate “thinking” professional accountants, nurturing them to become successful business professionals across different business functions within diverse organizations. Enquiries MBA Programs T: (852) 2358 7539 HKUST-NYU Stern MS in Global Finance T: (852) 2358 5028 MSc in Accounting T: (852) 3469 2132 (852) 2358 7562

9 Taught Postgraduate Programs MSc in Business Analytics The program aims to meet strong demand for business analytics professionals. It provides students with solid knowledge of business analytics by bringing together a wide range of knowledge in applied statistics, modeling, optimization, and information management. The program focuses on teaching students how to make good use of numerical data, multidimensional unstructured information, and business analytics knowledge for building datadriven strategies, enhancing performance, and facilitating evidence-based discussion for problem solving. It develops students’ business analytics competency, and hands-on experience in solving real business problems in various areas such as management, finance, and marketing. MSc in Finance The program is designed for individuals pursuing or planning to pursue a career in the finance industry or in the finance function of major corporations. This program merges the MSc in Investment Management and MSc in Financial Analysis programs, which were offered separately for over 20 years. The MSc in Finance offers two optional concentrations: Investment Management and Financial Analysis. MSc in Financial Technology Jointly run by Schools of Business and Management, Engineering and Science, the MSc program draws expertise from areas such as information technology, blockchain, data science, machine learning and decision analytics. It provides students with fundamental knowledge and essential skills relating to popular financial technologies and their engineering and financial principles, thereby enhancing their market competitiveness in the booming field. MSc in Economics The program aims to provide solid economics and analytical training for students in order to prepare them for further pursuit of higher academic degrees or industry jobs. It emphasizes coursework to strengthen students’ general background in economics and their ability to apply such knowledge to analyze real world problems. Enquiries MSc in Business Analytics T: (852) 2358 6404 MSc in Economics T: (852) 2358 7607 MSc in Finance T: (852) 2358 6404 MSc in Financial Technology T: (852) 2358 6831

10 Taught Postgraduate Programs MSc in Global Operations The program provides a distinctive postgraduate education to qualified students who have already completed a recognized bachelor degree and are interested in managing business operations on a global scale. The program is designed to equip students with tools and understanding essential in the management of service operations, manufacturing operations, and supply chains. Students can choose to be in Operations Analytics concentration when taking electives based on their background and career interests. Joint with Yale University and FGV EAESP, the program offers double-degree options. Selected students spend their first year at HKUST and the second year at Yale or FGV EAESP and receive two degrees after they satisfactorily complete all requirements. The program also collaborates with several leading European business schools on exchange programs. MSc in Information Systems Management The program provides management training which enables business and non-business students to harness technology and information systems to develop innovative business solutions. Students will study under some of the leading professors in the field, covering topics from blockchain and big data to IT strategy and policy. Outside of the classroom, students will also have the opportunity to attend enrichment talks and network with business professionals to recruit a new generation of talent. The program offers two optional concentrations: Financial Technology (FinTech) and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These concentrations provide specialized training to assist graduate preparing to work in specified fields, while maintaining a high degree of overall program flexibility. MSc in International Management The program is offered by the HKUST Business School in collaboration with CEMS - the Global Alliance in Management Education consisting of leading business schools and multinational companies around the world. Its objectives are to develop students’ management knowledge and skills related to managing global organizations, to enhance students’ cross-cultural and international exposure, and to prepare students to be potential candidates for leadership positions in international management in a crosscultural work environment. The program also offers a double-degree option with three world-renowned partner universities, FGV EAESP, HEC Paris or Yale University. Students benefit from the career resources, networks, and distinctive strengths of two leading business schools. They enter the job market with key advantages over their peers. MSc in Marketing The program aims to equip students with expertise in areas regarded as critical by today’s employers, including data-driven marketing, digital marketing, performance marketing, decision frameworks, and artificial intelligence (AI). Its objectives are to develop students’ foundational marketing knowledge through a series of core courses and accrue the latest marketing information and practical marketing skills through elective options. Across the year, the program provides various outreach and networking opportunities to enrich students’ business vision and expose them to the latest industry trends and first-hand marketing know-how. Enquiries MSc in Global Operations T: (852) 2358 6404 MSc in Information Systems Management T: (852) 3469 2869 MSc in International Management T: (852) 2358 6404 MSc in Marketing T: (852) 2358 6404

11 Guaranteed University Accommodation in the First 2 years of Full-time Research Studies Generous Scholarship @ Submit Your Application @ Admission Requirements @ To qualify for admission to the University, applicants should have: • Obtained a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, or an approved equivalent qualification; • For PhD applicants (additional to the above): a proven record of outstanding performance from a recognized institution or presented evidence of satisfactory work at the postgraduate level on a fulltime basis for at least one year, or on a part-time basis for at least two years; • Fulfill the English language requirements with one of the following proficiency attainments1: Proficiency Test Minimum Score TOEFL – Internet-based Test (iBT) 80 (in one single attempt) TOEFL – Paper-based Test (pBT) 550 TOEFL – Revised Paper-delivered Test 60 (total scores for Reading, Listening and Writing sections) IELTS (Academic Module) Overall score: 6.5 and all sub-scores: 5.5 1 You are not required to present TOEFL or IELTS score if your first language is English, or your bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) was awarded by an institution where the medium of instruction was English. • Met program-specific admission requirements, if any. For more programs offered at HKUST, please refer to Cross-Campus Study Opportunities State-of-the-Art Research Institutes

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