Oracle Bone Calligraphy Exhibition of Xie Chunling

7 【時】系列 “The Calendar” Series 《合集》30365 釋文:叀叀 督酒三十,才(在)宗父甲。(『 』為甲骨文語氣 詞。) 譯文: 中午時分在宗廟用三十(祭牲)為父甲行酒祭麼? 注釋: 『督』,殷商時代的時稱,指稱中午。字像手持測影儀 測日影而定方位。因測日影常在中午進行,『督』字遂 成表示中午時分的時稱詞。 “督”(Du)was a character indicating noon in the Yin Shang Dynasty. This character originated from the image of a hand holding out a pole in the sun to observe the shadow projected onto the ground for detemining orientations. As the observation usually took place at midday, the character later became a term specifically referring to noon time. The carvings containing the term“督”(Du)was a divination on whether it would be appropriate to offer sacrifice at noon in a ceremony to honor their ancestors. 督 Noon (2021) 58cm x 48cm