Oracle Bone Calligraphy Exhibition of Xie Chunling

11 【時】系列 “The Calendar” Series 《合集》21021 釋文: (右起左行)癸丑卜,貞,旬甲寅大食雨[自]北。乙 卯小食大啟。丙辰中日大雨自南。 譯文: 癸丑日占卜,問,下一旬的甲寅日上午『大食』時 段北邊下雨麼?乙卯日下午『小食』時段天氣大晴 麼?丙辰中午有大雨來自南邊麼? 注釋: 『大食』、『小食』均為殷商時代的時稱。『大 食』(右上)指稱上午大約7點至9點時段;『小 食』(右下)指稱午後大約3點至5點時段。 “大食”(Dashi)and“小食”(Xiaoshi)were both terms of time in the Yin Shang Dynasty. They referred to the time periods between 7 and 9 a.m. and 3 and 5 p.m. respectively. This is a part of an inscription on an oracle plastron asking about the weather in the concerned time periods. 大食、小食 Dashi and xiaoshi (2021) 35cm x 48cm