Oracle Bone Calligraphy Exhibition of Xie Chunling

10 【時】系列 “The Calendar” Series 《合集》23148 釋文: 癸丑卜,行,貞翌甲寅毓祖乙歲朝酒。茲用。 譯文: 癸丑日占卜,貞人行卜問,未來的甲寅日對先王武 丁之父小乙(毓祖乙)行歲殺之祭,並在早晨行酒祭麽 麼?此卜施行了。 注釋: 『朝』,殷商時代的時稱,指稱早晨大約5點至7點時 段。 “朝”(Zhao)represented early morning approximately between 5 and 7 a.m. in the Yin Shang Dynasty. This piece was a divination on whether it would be appropriate to hold rituals named“歲”and“酒”to offer sacrifice to the father of Shang King between 5 and 7 a.m. 朝 Early morning (2021) 48cm x 40cm