Oracle Bone Calligraphy Exhibition of Xie Chunling

Dr. Xie Chunling Dr. Xie Chunling received her PhD from The University of Hong Kong. She is a retired Senior Lecturer from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include the syntax of oracle bone inscriptions, modern Chinese syntax, and the development and evolution of Chinese scripts. She has published many academic articles and two monographs titled “A Study of the Empty Categories in Oracle Bone Inscriptions from Shang Dynasty Ruins” and “Dictionary of Chinese Characters: Origins and Evolutions”. Her recent research on applying theories of Generative Grammar to study Empty Category in the syntax of Oracle Bone Inscriptions has received recognition from Noam Chomsky, known as the father of contemporary cognitive science who is influential in the field of linguistics and philosophy. Dr. Xie Chunling is an expert in calligraphy of Chinese ancient writings. Her works have been selected and exhibited at province and national level calligraphy exhibitions as well as in shows held in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and the United States of America. In 2019, her oracle bone calligraphy works were selected for “International Oracle Calligraphy Exhibition to Commemorate the 120th Anniversary of the Discovery of Oracle Bone”. 謝春玲博士 香港大學哲學博士。香港中文大學文學院退休高級講師。 研究領域包括甲骨文句法、現代漢語語法、漢字形體演變。發表學術論 文數十篇,出版專著兩部:《殷墟甲骨刻辭空語類研究》、《漢字精解 字典》。近年運用當代語言學轉換生成語法理論探討甲骨刻辭空語類現 象的研究獲得當代具有重大影響的語言學家、哲學家、當代認知科學之 父喬姆斯基的肯定和鼓勵。 擅長古文字書法,作品曾多次入選國內市、省、全國及港、澳、臺書法 作品展,並曾在美國、日本、香港等國家和地區展覽。2019年,甲骨文 書法作品入選「紀念甲骨文發現120周年甲骨文書法作品國際大展」。 藝術家簡介 About the Artist 4