Science Focus (issue 022)

What’s Happening in Hong Kong? 香港科技活動 Fun in Summer Science Activities 夏日科學好節目 Any plans for this summer? Check out these activities! 計劃好這個夏天的好去處了嗎?不妨考慮以下活動! HAYABUSA2~REBORN 隼鳥2號 — 星源再覓 Parade of the Five Planets June 18-28, 2022 五星連珠 2022年6月18至28日 Following the success of the space probe Hayabusa in 2010, its successor Hayabusa2 was launched in 2014 to collect soil samples from the asteroid Ryugu to study the birth of our solar system, which may hold the secret of the origin of life. It was also speculated that the samples might contain substances that are essential to life: water and organic matter. But things did not go as planned. What happened in its lone journey of 3.2 bi l l ion kilometers? Could Hayabusa2 eventually land smoothly on the unexpectedly rough terrain that it was not designed for? Visit the Space Museum and watch the show! Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are five bright planets that are visible to the naked eye. It is uncommon for them to appear at once but here comes the chance – graced by the Moon, the five planets will do just that, from June 18 (Mon) to June 28, 2022 (Thu). While the planets seem to form a straight line in the sky, they don’t really align neatly to form a radius if we consider the top view of the solar system. The planets just coincidently cluster on the same side of the Sun that is visible on Earth – so it’s rather a trick of perspective. And don’t overthink – the world isn’t going to end in June and the next issue of Science Focus will be published as scheduled! Show period: Now – September 30, 2022 Time: 5:00 PMonMonday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (except public holiday) 11:00 AM, 3:30 PM and 8:00 PM on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday Venue: Space Theatre, Hong Kong SpaceMuseum Admission fee: Standard admission: $32 (stalls), $24 (front stalls) Concession admission: $16 (stalls), $12 (front stalls) Remark: Please refer to the museum’s website for more details. 映期:即日至 2022年9月30日 時間:星期一、三、四及五(公眾假期除外) 下午五時正 星期六、日及公眾假期上午十一時正、 下午三時三十分及八時正 地點:香港太空館天象廳 入場費:標準票:32 元(後座);24 元(前座) 優惠票:16 元(後座);12 元(前座) 備註:更多詳情請參閱太空館網頁。 隨著太空探測器隼鳥號在 2010 年任務成 功,它的繼任者隼鳥 2 號亦於 2014 年發射升 空,前往小行星龍宮採集土壤樣本,幫助我們解 開可能蘊藏生命起源奧秘的太陽系誕生之謎。 據當時估計,樣本可能會含有孕育生命必需的 物質:水和有機物。 但事情發展卻不如預期。究竟隼鳥 2 號在 32 億公里的孤獨旅程中出現了甚麼狀況?最後 又可以在超出其設計所容許的嶙峋地形上順利 降落嗎?快到太空館觀賞這套電影吧! 水星、金星、火星、木星和土星是肉眼能看 到的五顆行星,但五顆同時出現卻不是常見的現 象。現在機會來了! — 在月亮相伴下,五顆行星 會在 2022 年 6 月 18 日(一)至 28 日(四)連 成一線,上演「五星伴月」的戲碼。 雖然五顆行星會看似連成一直線,但並不會 一如我們所想的在太陽系軌道的鳥瞰圖中排列 成同心圓的半徑;它們只是湊巧地同時聚集在 太陽的同一邊,而又位於地球上能看見的角度, 因而在地球的天空上投影成一直線而已。不要想 多! — 世界不會在六月終結,而下期《科言》將 會如常出版! 1