To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

Bojun’s debut on Douyin earned him more than 300,000 fans and over 10 million views for seven short videos, including “How to understand what a black hole is in 1 minute” and “How to make an atomic bomb.” Since then, Bojun has continued to adapt, transforming from video blogger to popular science writer and winning prizes for his books. Physics is in his blood, but so, too, is creativity. Writing a book, recording a video, or practicing his violin — to Bojun, it’s all about knowledge. In the age of popular videos, knowledge is more fluid than ever, reflecting society and seeking answers. It’s what popular science creators like Bojun love to see. Science isn’t boring, and Bojun is determined to make sure that the next generation knows it. But Bojun hadn’t lost his passion for bonding with people over subjects he loved. Returning to his other love, music, and drawing upon his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded an online platform connecting music teachers and students in the Mainland. He also made his debut on an internet platform called Dedao as the youngest lecturer for a course on the History of Western Art. It was a huge hit, and Bojun was named one of 2018’s Top 10 Internet Celebrity Instructors. When people asked him why he was lecturing in art, he replied, “I don’t think the two things (science and art) are particularly far apart from one another. When I first heard about the theory of relativity, I felt a sense of beauty.” Einstein himself was an excellent violinist and Planck, the founder of quantum mechanics, played piano. 115