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119 athletes like Sarah, wind tunnel-based optimizations and sports aerodynamics technologies are ways to boost overall performance and deliver on the world stage — potential that was realized to its fullest with the Hong Kong cycling team’s great results at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Today, Prof. Zhang is a pioneer in the world of sports science, which in turn has become a critical component of the cycling world and necessary to those wanting to remain at the forefront. It’s benefitting sports beyond cycling, too — the team has started applying their research to other sports including triathlon, windsurfing and swimming. Prof. Zhang is buoyed on by the growing interest in his field. He knows that as long as scientists and sports institutes work closely together, there will be even more advances to come. In Prof. Zhang and his fellow researchers’ eyes, Hong Kong has huge potential to be an international innovation and technology hub, and the integration and acceleration of innovation in sports science will continue to give our athletes, and scientists, a strong competitive edge.