To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

The world’s brightest young minds are often spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to study, but for Amirkhan Bailin, HKUST was a clear frontrunner. Since arriving, he has not looked back. There are few awards for physics Amirkhan Bailin has not scooped up in his home country of Kazakhstan. An International Physics Olympiad bronze medalist, Amirkhan is also no stranger to representing his school on the world stage. In 2017, he came first in physics at the Republican Olympiad in the subject of the naturalmathematical cycle. When the end of high school approached and he had to take the next step on his academic journey, Amirkhan found the world was his oyster. He methodically worked through his options for study and found one repeatedly stood out: HKUST. “The university consistently performs well in major rankings,” he says. “It was thirty-seventh on the QS World University Rankings in 2019, it’s well known for my major, and it has 45 high graduate employability.” For international students like himself, the university also offers a diverse and multicultural student body, where vibrant cultures learn from one another and empower one another with understanding, empathy, and a shared spirit of camaraderie. In 2019, Amirkhan was awarded two scholarships to pursue his undergraduate studies as an international student at HKUST, and since first stepping on campus he has not been disappointed. Studying statistics and financial math, he was drawn to the program for its focus on both theory and application, and how it was connected to the market. His course doesn’t confine him to a specific career path, and Amirkhan appreciates being able to take his time exploring his interests in finance and computing before deciding what to do after graduation.