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experience, I really benefitted from the classes on the nuts and bolts of robotics. I also learned a lot about teamwork and communication, as a small mistake in one component can cause the robot to crash.” There is no surprise that Amirkhan enjoyed getting his hands dirty in the robotics team, and learnt how to fail, fail again, and fail better. Amirkhan treasures all these opportunities, as just in the real world, there is no single way to successfully solve every problem. Relocating to a new city in a new country might be a daunting prospect for some, but Amirkhan was excited for the experiences that lay ahead. Amirkhan found many different extracurricular activities at HKUST to develop his interests. During his first year, he joined the award-winning robotics team for the chance to overcome challenges with creative solutions. “I was only in the team as a trainee for a short period of time,” he says, “but I managed to participate in operating an underwater robot prototype.” Students from all disciplines teamed up to explore innovative ways and apply crossdisciplinary perspectives to build and operate robots, with students from different cultural backgrounds bringing their unique insights to help problem solve. “With no engineering Here at HKUST, you can explore any interest. You are your only limit.