To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

51 in Google’s Cantonese voice search project, a valuable opportunity that he earned with his creativity and resilience. From this exceptional experience he learnt that, for the first time, his soft skills could be his intangible assets that no one can take away from him. He didn’t realize it then, but this insight would become the bedrock of Inspire (HK) Youth Education Foundation, which he founded later with the continued support from the Student Affairs Office (currently the Dean of Students’ Office). In 2015, he launched Inspire (HK), which advocates for “reality education,” helping youth transition from academia to the corporate world and improve their upward mobility with soft skills, and also assisting organizations to train employees to adapt to complex and evolving environments. Inspire (HK) aims to remedy the deficiencies of the education system by unleashing the power and potential of young people, new staff, and young managers. Up till now, it has reached more than 10,000 people through workshops and activities. Inspire (HK) has helped TszFung push through his own adversity too — through helping others, he’s developed his own talent and founded his own company. Recently, Tsz-Fung has further extended his services to provide courses on growth education, career planning, and parenting as well as the “National Situation, National Policy, and National Business” program to individuals, organizations, and corporates. In 2021, Tsz-Fung organized the first “China Aerospace Dream Essay Competition” in Hong Kong, being one of the official promotional activities of the Aerospace Series. This event was warmly welcomed by schools and youngsters, attracting more than 3,000 participants. The collaboration with schools that Tsz-Fung lined up successfully promoted China’s aerospace history and technology to the younger generation and generated extensive media coverage. Tsz-Fung had the vision to support Hong Kong’s young people in a way he never was supported. By supporting young people to thrive as they transition from campus to the real world, Tsz-Fung inspires them to attempt for the unattempted which will eventually open up new possibilities.