To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

63 Pierre’s sentiments after completing the same master’s degree. “The course allowed me to learn hard skills that are essential for daily work life,” he says, “but it also taught me an academic mindset — how to analyze situations, look at different options, make calculated decisions. It’s a framework that has been so important to me.” In business, as in life, things rarely go to plan, and the analytical skills the brothers gained at HKUST have empowered them to tackle issues and answer questions whenever something does go wrong — and these skills have served them all well. In particular, the practical international internship as part of MIM gave the brothers the opportunity to actively participate in challenging real-world projects with some actual autonomy. During his time at SBM, youngest brother Frederic learned he has a flair for diplomacy, and often found himself acting as a bridge between students from the East and the West in the program. The student body of MIM comprises a rich mix of vibrant cultural and academic backgrounds, which allows students to gain immediate insights into a wide spectrum of issues in the global economy and to benefit from working with close-knit cross-cultural teams to understand real-world business problems. His experience living in Shanghai coupled with his skill at mingling with people from lots of different backgrounds were a distinct advantage, in both study and work. The shared global mindset of the three brothers is perhaps not that surprising: though German, they have ties to Hong Kong dating back to just after WWII. Their grandfather had an import–export company in the city, and their father, who was born in Hong Kong, believed that Asia would be the future of the economic world. His sons, all of whom spent 12 years in Shanghai, grew up believing that expanding their cross-cultural exposure would be the key to their future success. They may be on unique career trajectories, but it is clear the Wiedenmanns are destined to be leaders in their respective fields and to make positive impacts within society as a whole. As Francois says, “With what I have learned and experienced, I can shoot for the stars.”