To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

The hard work and perseverance of two ingenious brothers would eventually be rewarded with good fortune, but the unforeseen challenges along their path to success, would shape their generous spirits. Brothers Terry and Terence Tsang found their undergraduate years at HKUST a memorable, infinitely rewarding experience. The pair graduated from their respective degrees in 2006 and started their own business just two short years later in 2008. While their initial venture, an online greeting card website, didn’t deliver the success or profit they hoped for, they were undeterred. They shared a can-do spirit, instilled in them from their time at HKUST. The university was more than just an educational institution to the pair: it was a support system, a lifeline, and almost like a family. You might have heard of Terry and Terence as the powerhouse duo behind Madhead, a company developing and distributing mobile games. The company launched Tower of Saviors in 2013. It ranks among the top mobile games in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, 73 and Southeast Asia with 23 million global downloads to date. Investment in Tower of Saviors saw the company valued at an estimated HK$2.6 billion in 2014, and Terry was selected as the 2014 Ernst & Young China Emerging Entrepreneur category winner. Yet, the accolades and success they received didn’t carry them so far they forgot their roots, or the generosity and kindness that had made their success possible. The truth is, their time at HKUST, while joyful, was also marked by personal tragedy. As the brothers studied for their bachelor’s degrees, their father, the family breadwinner, sadly passed away. Not only were they left with the unthinkable grief of losing their father, but the two now faced the added financial hardship of having to pay their tuition. Their story could have ended there. Fortunately, the Student Affairs Office (currently the Dean of Students' Office) provided timely assistance including allocating emergency funds to support the brothers during this difficult time, which not only allowed them to continue studying but set alight a seed of inspiration. This would see them become beacons of hope, generosity, and guidance to their alma mater.