To Inspire. To Be Inspired. – 30 Stories on HKUST Faculty, Alumni and Students

In the male-dominated world of civil engineering, one woman decided to make her mark, and in doing so continues to inspire a new generation of fearless females. Few know that HKUST’s founding president, Prof. WOO Chia-Wei, and his colleagues, gave up jobs at renowned international institutions overseas to return to Hong Kong and teach at the newly established university. But for Jenny Yeung, this story inspired her in more ways than one. As HKUST’s first female undergraduate from the Civil and Structural Engineering Program, and the first female Chief Geotechnical Engineer for the HKSAR Government, she has been a pioneer in the field of engineering from the very beginning — and continues to embody the spirit of the founders in all that she does. Growing up in 1980s Hong Kong, Jenny saw the city rise and was captivated 93 by its remarkable development. She knew what she wanted to do with her life: contribute to the inspiring society she saw all around her. To start on her journey, Jenny joined the very first batch of bright and eager civil engineering students at HKUST. After graduating, Jenny faced a dilemma: should she enter the private sector, or pursue engineering as a public servant? It’s a difficult decision for most, but Jenny, who has always been guided by her strong sense of civic purpose and responsibility, knew what she should do. She had watched with curiosity and amazement how the HKSAR Government coordinated huge engineering projects, all based on public interest rather than monetary gain. As a go-getter and problem-solver, Jenny wanted to get her teeth stuck into realworld problems to positively impact society, protect people, and contribute to a safer city for all. She knew a career in civil service was her fast-track to making a real difference.