HKUST Entrepreneurship Fund


2 3 E-FUND INTRODUCTION AT A GLANCE Aligning with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)’s Knowledge Transfer (KT) Mission and with a view to strengthening the promotion of entrepreneurship spirit among HKUST stakeholders leading to social and economic impact, the HKUST Entrepreneurship Fund (E-Fund), with an initial fund size of HK$50 million committed by HKUST, is established for the benefit of promising HKUST technology start-up companies. Under E-Fund, there are two investment models: Co-Investment Model and HKUST-Initiated Investment Model. E-Fund not only can help to bridge the funding gap of start-ups before they can secure external funding to grow and to expand, but can also engage other venture capital (VC) funds and experts more closely within the HKUST start-up ecosystem, potentially providing investments, strategic values, as well as guidance and advice. HK$50M Fund size Investment Scope HKUST start-up companies with INNOVATIVE technology and/or business models​. Eligibility Start-up companies with at least 10% OWNERSHIP by faculty members, staff members, students, and/or alumni of HKUST. Established for NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS.​ Investment Stage Investment Model MINORITY SHARE INVESTMENT. Syndicate with Co-Investment Partners or act as Lead Investor under Co-Investment Model and HKUST-Initiated Investment Model respectively​ Investment Amount HK$2Mper HKUST start-up company initially up to

4 5 HK$137M raised by portfolio companies after E-fund’s investment multiplier effect Scan the QR code for more info *As of October 2022​ FACTS AND FIGURES* CO-INVESTMENT PARTNERS

6 7 Mr. Sai Chak MAK President, AAMA (PRD) Vice Chairman, PRC Committee, Hong Kong Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (HKVCA)​ Mr. Tytus MICHALSKI Managing Partner, Fresco Capital Former Chief Investment Officer of Equities & Co-founder, PMA Investment Advisors Prof. Marvin LAI Adjunct Associate Professor, HKUST Business School Managing Partner, iTM Ventures Inc Mr. Brandon Ho-Ping LIN Member, Knowledge Transfer Committee of the Council, HKUST Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer, SPQ Asia Capital General Partner, SAIF Partners Prof. Ping SHENG Chair Professor, Department of Physics, HKUST Dr William M W Mong Professor of Nanoscience Prof. Dit-Yan YEUNG Chair Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST Mr. Hock Chuan TAM General Partner, Vertex Growth Fund Mr. K O CHIA President of the Hong Kong Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (HKVCA)​ Former Deputy CEO/MD, Grace Financial Ltd. & MD, Walden International Ltd.​ Prof. Laurence C FRANKLIN Adjunct Professor (Finance, Business Law, & Management ),​ HKUST Business School​ Prof. Gary Shueng-Han CHAN Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST​ Affiliate Professor in Innovation, Policy and Entrepreneurship Thrust Area of HKUST (GZ)​ Mr. Alain V FONTAINE Partner, Beyond Traditions Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (HKVCA) INVESTMENT SUB-COMMITTEE​ADVISORS INVESTMENT SUB-COMMITTEE​ADVISORS

8 9 3DK Tech is building the metal 3D printer of the future. Metal 3D printers use high-power lasers to selectively melt a very fine metal powder. Our technology is the only one on the market to deliver something our customers desperately need: full control of mechanical properties, 4× reduction in manufacturing time, and unlimited material choice. The parts printed with this technology are expected to have 200× the durability of parts printed with other technologies. 3DK Tech has been recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the world’s Top 1000 efficient solutions for protecting the environment. We are working with HAECO Group, one of the world’s leading aircraft maintenance companies, to redesign specialized tools. 3dktechltd 3dk-tech Established in September 2020, Atom Semiconductor is a fabless IC design company focusing on digital sensors. Atom is a hardcore technology company with proprietary world-leading chip technology. Our chip products can be widely applied in consumer, industrial, medical, automotive, and electronic communication products. Atom develops novel chips with higher performance, lower power consumption, and higher-level integration than rivals. As innovation in electronic technology accelerates, chip technology is increasingly becoming the key differentiator in the new Internet-of-Everything (IoE) world. Atom’s vision is to provide chip solutions to support key customers’ innovation in the IoE era. gh_371eba00ecc5

10 11 Applying patented blockchain technology, D-Engraver Limited has developed an all-in-one deal-closing platform, with two brands — HashTag and HashSign — to facilitate remote business activities/ operations, maintain high security, and ensure traceability for all industries. The underlying technology, D-Engraver Chain, breaks through the limitations of conventional blockchain architecture, such as slow processing speed, overwhelming data storage requirements, and high maintenance cost. By overcoming these barriers, D-Engraver Chain has established a foundation for the mass adoption of blockchain across industries. HashTag and HashSign enable multiple parties across regions to sign contracts in real time, while ensuring the signature record is immutable, thereby forming a reliable and complete evidence chain. This not only enhances deal closing and operational efficiency but also produces digital documents and contracts that have the same legal binding effect as physical documents. data_engraver d-engraver-limited Dayta AI is a SaaS company with a vision of establishing a SmartRetail ecosystem that entails computer vision and business intelligence. With the rise of e-commerce and now the pandemic, the role of bricks-and-mortar stores is clearer than ever before — extending excellent service and building trust and relationships with customers. Nevertheless, traditional solutions require either high up-front costs or long hardware installation time. Our innovative cloud solution, Cyclops, only requires existing surveillance footage to run. Users can manage stores on a real-time basis, gain deeper insights through customized business intelligence reports, and as a result, implement data-driven strategies to enhance sales and shopper experience. daytaAI daytaai

12 13 Gense offers an affordable and portable self-help medical imaging device for in-depth health monitoring and diagnostic screening at home and in clinics. The device targets some of the costliest diseases’ early detection and chronic disease management for liver, lung, kidney, and other organs. The award-winning startup consists of a team of 15 PhDs and researchers, from Stanford, Cambridge, and Hong Kong. The team is also coordinating around eight partnerships with professors, which include projects on clinical trials and engineering. Gense has raised USD2.5 million from grants and investment to date, and developed the capacity to mass manufacture its devices with medical device certification. The startup has also been approached by healthcare distributors from over 20 markets globally, including private hospital networks, clinic chains, health insurers, and multinational conglomerates. gensetech gensetech ephod-technology-ltd Ephod Intelligence is a SaaS platform for fundamental research analysts to validate their investment ideas and monitor the equity market. Based on analysts’ own investment philosophies, Ephod’s non-linear quantitative models calculate and suggest the best stock screening factors. We generate customized trading signals using the suggested factors. The signals helped our customers’ alpha generation by 3-5% on average after the product launch.

14 15 We bridge deep climate tech with financial expertise to measure, analyze, andvalue risks related toclimate change. Intensel’sproprietary climate analytics provides portfolio and asset-level analysis to enable climate-informed risk mitigation and capital allocation decisions. Applying dynamic climate modeling, Intensel incorporates future climate scenarios over multiple time horizons to understand acute and chronic hazard exposure. This is layered with socio-economic data to model asset vulnerabilities and then converted into financial value-atrisk (VaR). Our customers can use APIs or CSV files to integrate with the Intensel platform and develop a bespoke “project” for climate analysis. In addition to the easy-to-use climate dashboard, reporting functions can run instantaneous and customized reports. Intensel’s proprietary reporting functions include the Intensel TCFDnote Climate Risk Report to support customer climate risk disclosures, as well as the detailed Intensel Climate Risk & Opportunity Assessment. Note: TCFD – Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures intensel nexblue-energy NexBlueworks on charging and energy systems dedicated to changing theway people use clean energy. Our smart charging systems supports the use of energy in a more intuitive, affordable and clean approach especially under the energy crisis. We are also setting up a premium brand with outstanding quality and locally supported service, which is key to build trust with our customers and deliver superior experience. We hope to contribute in our unique way to the mass adoption of electric vehicles globally.​ We are part of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) programme and were founded by a highly motivated entrepreneurial team in Hong Kong and Europe.​

16 17 In PointFit Tech., we are developing a one-of-a-kind skin patch that tracks muscle fatigue through sweat biomarkers and sends a realtime alert when users are approaching their maximum fatigue level. Through PointFit sweat sensor, we help athletes to understand their physical limit, adjust their exercise accordingly and reach their maximum performance. With patented core-technology and notable sports institutes/teams as our partners, we aim to revolutionize the sports science industry by driving the global adoption of non-invasive health monitoring systems. Vitals, powered by PanopticAI, is an award-winning camera-based health and wellness monitoring solution that makes measuring, interpreting and managing personal health contactless, affordable and as easy as smiling at a camera. Built on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and signal processing, Vitals delivers comprehensive digital biomarkers with medical-grade accuracy in under 30 seconds. It can be installed on common consumer devices and used remotely or in person, revolutionising remote healthcare, personal wellness and much more. panopticai pointfit_technology pointfit-technology

18 19 SyNCord’s mission is to be a pioneering technology company revolutionizing the 3D printing industry. We are dedicated to providing a whole-system solution for multi-axis 3D printing ranging from industrial software to hardware for fabrication. Our solution enables a more autonomous fabrication from concept to completion. In the near future, we aim to create the next generation of 3D printers to improve production quality while minimizing human factors, thus bridging the gaps in the current Industry 4.0 paradigm with our proprietary innovative solution. As an experienced research team in the field of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), we also develop customized programs/ software for equipment automation, including industrial robotic arms, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), and other precise machines on client demand. innovator-directory/company-details/ ?company=syncord-3d-technology-limited SPES Tech possesses cutting-edge recombinant protein hydrogel technologies to mimic cellular microenvironments. We bridge the gap between 2D cell culture and animal models by reconstructing the complexity of the human body in our hydrogel platforms. Our pipeline for hydrogel kits enables stem cell cultivation, organoid formation, and smart cell-delivery. We are propelling a paradigm shift to 3D cell models to accelerate advanced biomedical research and personalized treatment.

Portfolio Companies OKT assists the Associate Vice-President for Research and Development (Knowledge Transfer) [AVP-RD(KT)] in Knowledge Transfer (KT) strategic planning, implementation of KT missions, governance of KT operations, and oversees the Entrepreneurship Center (EC). It coordinates among Industry and HKUST’s Schools and Interdisciplinary Programs Office, Research Institutes and KT units, to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship. OKT serves as a bridge between the HKUST research community and industry to bring University’s research output into new products and services. It identifies commercial potential from inventions, formulates intellectual properties (IP) to motivate industry to invest in HKUST technologies, incubates technologies by managing various funding programs, and supports University‐Industry Collaboration and start‐up companies. It also optimizes translational research opportunities to propel Hong Kong and the region to innovate, with a focus on managing three mission-oriented Joint Research Units, namely HKUST‐Bright Dream Robotics Joint Research Institute (HBJRI), HKUST‐Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI), & HKUST Collaborative Innovation Center (HCIC) to establish the development projects to address industry needs based on HKUST technology and capabilities. Office of Knowledge Transfer (OKT) Office of Knowledge Transfer Contact Us (852) 2358 7917 (852) 2358 1493 (General Office) (852) 2358 1202 (AVP-RD(KT)'s Office) Room 3625B (General Office) Room 3625A (AVP-RD(KT)'s Office) The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong