HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 20 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 Overview Materiality Contents ENVIRONMENT Social/People Governance/ Driver Sustainability Initiatives ESG Frameworks Smart Thermostats Smart Thermostats are installed to control local air-conditioning and lighting, and are expected to save power during no-occupancy period. Wireless Energy Meters Installation 1,000 wireless energy meters were installed, which can collect all the existing and new meters’ figures. In the future, all utilities, such as gas, potable water, will be recorded in the system. Wind Stations IoT sensors are installed throughout the campus locations to study the microclimate of different parts of the campus, and use the data to estimate the wind performance throughout the year. The design of future wind turbines will be based on those data. Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) Application FDD monitors the building service systems’ performance and energy consumption by measuring it against optimal performance guidelines and its own baseline. It monitors various parameters, such as temperature set points, humidity level, and general regular report, which can save 1.5% of energy consumption by alerting if a fault is detected. Continuous Commissioning**