Strategic Plan 2031


Overview ........................................................................................................ 1 Five Strategic Objectives ................................................................................ 4 A University of TALENTS ............................................................................ 6 An International LEADER in Education and Research ....................................... 8 A Visionary of INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP ........................... 10 An Exemplar of BEST-IN-CLASS Sustainable and Quality Practices .......... 12 A Champion of DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVENESS, AND OPENNESS ........ 14 CONTENTS

OVERVIEW HKUST’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. In just three decades, we have grown into a globally recognized academic and research institution. We are eager to embark on the next phase of development with the new Strategic Plan 2031. Building upon the preceding Plan and incorporating the HKUST 3.0 Vision Plan launched in 2023, the new Plan features new strategies to navigate changing circumstances and achieve the next level of excellence. Through extensive discussions and engagement with the University community, including alumni, students, faculty and staff, as well as the Court and Council, the Strategic Plan 2031 re ects our collective aspirations for the future. In summary, HKUST seeks to become: • A University of Talents • An International Leader in Education and Research • A Visionary of Innovation and Entrepreneurship • An Exemplar of Best-in-class Sustainable and Quality Practices • A Champion of Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Openness As a place of inquiry, HKUST is dedicated to delivering transformative changes in teaching, learning, research, knowledge creation and transfer as well as contributing to economic and societal development. In pursuit of our aspirations, we bring together the best minds and create a conducive learning and working environment. The University is uniquely positioned to tackle the complex global challenges that lie ahead. Our strength lies in our ability to anticipate changes and respond with agility, while empowering each other to swiftly adapt to new circumstances. Looking towards our 40th anniversary in 2031 and beyond, our recalibrated Strategic Plan serves as a compass, guiding our path towards more expansive possibilities for continued growth and development. 1

FIVE STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES A University of TALENTS An International LEADER in Education & Research A Visionary of INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2

An Exemplar of BEST-IN-CLASS Sustainable & Quality Practices A Champion of DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVENESS, & OPENNESS 3

The new strategic directions reflect our priorities for the upcoming stage of growth. Our goals are not only to maintain and enhance HKUST’s world-leading position in education, research, and innovation, but also to address the complex global challenges facing society. FIVE STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES A University of Talents What makes a university great is its people. Our highest priority is to attract, nurture, and retain exceptional talents. The University will provide an environment that empowers members to unleash their multidimensional potential. Together, we will build a community of lifelong learners and innovators – a community that can make a difference in the world. An International Leader in Education and Research HKUST aspires to take a leadership role in driving positive changes in education and research. Expanding our academic horizons and capabilities allows us to pursue the next level of teaching excellence. By unveiling discoveries and applications in essential and emerging areas, we will create new frontiers of knowledge. 4

A Visionary of Innovation and Entrepreneurship A spirit of innovation has taken root at our University. Now, we aim to further our efforts to become a visionary of innovation and entrepreneurship. Strengthening our innovation ecosystem will synergize different segments of the entire spectrum from research to impact, and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to create economic and societal impact. An Exemplar of Best-in-class Sustainable and Quality Practices A dual emphasis on sustainability and quality is at the core of our best-in-class practices. Drawing on our innovative spirits, we will chart a path to a sustainable future on all fronts, ranging from finance, campus development, digital environment, and carbon footprint. A Champion of Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Openness HKUST values the differences of individuals leading to diversity of ideas. We will widen our efforts in recruiting diverse talents and fortifying the alumni community worldwide to harness the power of diversity. Our goal is to embrace multifaceted perspectives and possibilities by creating and upholding an inclusive and open environment while expanding connections with partners from all over the world. 5

1What makes a university great is its people. Our highest priority is to attract, nurture, and retain exceptional talents who will shape the future of HKUST. To extend our global reservoir of minds and abilities, we will innovate our approaches in recruiting a diverse and talented cadre of students, faculty, and staff. By creating an environment that empowers and encourages our members to unleash their multidimensional potential, together, we will build a community of lifelong learners and innovators – a community that can make a difference in the world. Quality Students with Diverse Backgrounds Our goal is to build and develop a diverse and vibrant student population of varied excellence. We have rolled out comprehensive outreach campaigns in Hong Kong and the targeted countries to recruit prospective students, using both in-person activities and online platforms to give them a taste of the “HKUST experience”. Through attracting students with diverse talents and backgrounds through flexible/ targeted admissions, scholarship schemes, and other incentives, we contribute to Hong Kong’s transformation into a regional education hub. The University is committed to supporting students’ growth through a variety of programs and services. Outside the classroom, comprehensive student support will be offered, including service learning, wellness resources, career planning, and leadership training. With the expansion of student spaces, from hostels to co-working areas, students will enjoy a vibrant campus life with multicultural integration and varied possibilities. Community-building initiatives will be expanded to enrich the HKUST experience and deepen students’ sense of affinity to our community where they develop confidence, capacity, and networks. High Caliber Faculty Across Disciplines Our academic standing is contingent on our ability to recruit and retain the most talented individuals from around the world. Our faculty members, with different perspectives and experiences, are a source of the University’s strength. To this end, we will continue to undertake a global faculty search in the selected areas and innovate our faculty recruitment and appointment process to attract the best minds to support our education, research, and innovation endeavors. A UNIVERSITY OF TALENTS 6

5 The faculty reward system will continue to be reviewed and enhanced to ensure competitiveness on a global scale. In addition, we will support the development of young faculty through a faculty mentorship mechanism and other resources, as well as strengthen ties within the HKUST community by promoting interaction and collaboration among faculty members. Skilled Staff with Various Experiences Our staff members play a vital role in every aspect of our mission. HKUST will recruit staff members effectively and competitively in every role, and position itself as the top “employer of choice” by offering a supportive and dynamic work environment and ensuring competitiveness in the market. A priority is to strengthen a performance culture that rewards outstanding performance and offers career advancement opportunities. This will involve supporting staff learning and development through leadership and management training for middle and senior management, as well as upskilling programs on emerging technologies. By enhancing communication with staff, we will work together to make HKUST a powerhouse of innovation and achievement. 7

14 HKUST aspires to take a leadership role in driving positive changes in education and research, empowering the next generation to address global challenges. Expanding our academic horizons and capabilities will push the boundary of excellence. Our innovation approach to education equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to shape the future. We aim to unveil discoveries and applications in essential and emerging areas that have the potential to bring about transformations in the local, national, and global communities. Nurturing Talents for the Future University education is an important stage for students to develop the mindset and the ability to face and overcome challenges of tomorrow. With that in mind, we are constantly upgrading our curriculum to align it with broader societal goals on the future of our living, work, and people. In addition to advancing disciplinary learning, interdisciplinary education will be promoted to generate new visions and scholarship. In collaboration with The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) (HKUST(GZ)), students will be offered access to the expanded learning resources under the Cross-campus Enrichment Program. Furthermore, both young and mature students will benefit from more lifelong learning opportunities designed to equip them with the skills to thrive in the face of evolving societal needs. Ongoing enhancement of teaching is another focus. Participatory learning will be enhanced by adopting educational technology tools. We bridge education with the skills of the future by continuously enhancing the Common Core Program and other initiatives. In addition, HKUST will continue to empower faculty to develop innovative pedagogies by acknowledging and promoting exemplary practices. Beyond the transmission of professional knowledge, one of our key approaches is the provision of whole person education to our students. Our courses and extracurricular activities equip students with intellectual and ethical tools to understand themselves, their surroundings, and how they can contribute to society, both locally and globally. The persistence in improving our education offerings will ensure that our students realize their full potential. Expanding Academic Frontiers HKUST spares no effort in reshaping boundaries of knowledge. Our goal is to innovate medical care alongside biomedical research by nurturing future-ready physicians with medical competence and a strong research foundation, and transforming discoveries into new diagnostics and therapeutics. AN INTERNATIONAL LEADER IN EDUCATION AND RESEARCH 8 2

Another direction is to foster a fusion of innovation and humanities. A new academic unit will be established with the aim to become a leading interdisciplinary center where technology and art converge to fuel innovation. In partnership with different parties, we will promote innovation in sports science and optimize elite athletes’ performance in international competitions by leveraging our strength in interdisciplinary research. Pursuing Research Excellence Our goal is to grow our leadership in research. We foster interdisciplinary collaborations and drive research breakthroughs by launching thematic research schemes. To further create interdisciplinary opportunities, our faculty members are encouraged to collaborate with peers and capitalize on the research resources at HKUST(GZ). Through the HKUST Global Knowledge Network and other efforts, we will continue to establish partnerships with prestigious institutions across regions, widening the breadth and depth of international research collaboration. It is equally important to provide an environment that fosters research excellence. Talent development plays a crucial role in propelling discovery. The University will explore ways to empower research units to attract faculty and research staff by creating and implementing innovative recruitment mechanisms. Physical research infrastructure will be maintained and upgraded to facilitate our faculty’s exploration of the unknown. 9

A spirit of innovation has taken root at our University. The HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, established in 1999, was the first of its kind among Hong Kong’s universities. Being proud of our accomplishments, we must further our efforts to become a visionary of innovation and entrepreneurship. Strengthening our innovation ecosystem will synergize different segments of the entire spectrum from research to impact, and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to create economic and societal impact. From Discovery to Impact With a rich history of translating discoveries into solutions, HKUST is well-positioned to contribute to the development of Hong Kong into an international innovation and technology hub. We bring innovation to the world effectively and deepen the reach of our impact. Strengthened collaboration with governmental, industrial, and community partners will bring in greater support and resources to accelerate the transformation of discovery. Apart from technology translation, we step up our efforts to transform cutting-edge research into meaningful non-technological solutions, such as evidence- informed policy ideas, for the betterment of the community. Another direction is to develop critical innovation infrastructure and programs for knowledge transfer endeavors. We will improve the competency and capacity of our knowledge transfer units and upscale our investment capacity sustainably to support the growth of HKUST innovators. A critical direction is to develop innovation facilities in off-campus site(s), which will facilitate university-industry collaboration and strengthen our innovation ecosystem in the long term. Looking beyond Hong Kong, the University will enhance our knowledge transfer collaborative framework in the Mainland to synergize the development of our existing Mainland platforms, new innovation centers in strategic locations, and cross-campus innovation pursuits. At the same time, a network with global incubators will be established to advance our innovation with more collaborative possibilities. Fertile Ground for Entrepreneurs Since the early days, HKUST has been a place that promotes entrepreneurial spirit by providing a variety of entrepreneurship- related initiatives, including formal education and other activities, A VISIONARY OF INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP 10 3

across multiple units to support our members in their business journey. Now, the University recognizes the need to coordinate all these entrepreneurship education efforts across students of different interests and backgrounds to maximize benefits and optimize delivery. A review of existing entrepreneurship programs and activities will be conducted. Additionally, we leverage our dynamic alumni community to fuel entrepreneurship through university-wide activities and targeted programs for innovators and founders. 11

14 A dual emphasis on sustainability and quality is at the core of our best-in-class practices. We will embody our innovative spirit to develop and uphold the best practices of campus development, financial management, as well as data and digital strategy. We also uphold sustainability as a guiding principle in all our operations while achieving our aspirations. Enabling Environment for Our People To strengthen HKUST’s world-leading position in education, research, and knowledge transfer, we commence campus development projects to address short, medium, and long-term spatial needs. In the near future, this will involve setting up a new town facility in Kwun Tong to provide additional teaching and office spaces, and, in the medium term, building new facilities under a Campus Development Plan. In anticipation of development of HKUST in the next decade and beyond, we must take decisive action to acquire and develop off-campus land sites for new initiatives with lasting impact. Concurrently, a Campus Renewal Plan will be in place to guide the maintenance and improvement of the existing campus facilities to enhance the campus experience. Apart from physical infrastructure, we must also create and uphold a digital environment that unlocks potential of our people. Doing so requires enhancement of digital and data capabilities of our members. We will not only ensure timely and sufficient provision of digital tools but also foster a culture of data literacy and digital adaptability on campus. A key element is to forge a robust data strategy that guarantees data quality, security, and accessibility. Investment in hardware infrastructure, including high performance computational facilities, is also essential in the fast-changing environment. Sustainability for the HKUST Community and the World Striving to be a sustainability leader across the region and beyond, HKUST is taking various steps to renew our commitment to net zero carbon. A notable way is to meet the measurable targets of the ongoing 2028 Sustainability Challenge in areas of energy, water, landfill waste, biodiversity, and wellbeing. Another critical step is to develop and implement a Net Zero Action Plan that aspires to achieve the net zero emissions goal by 2045 through new building standards, operation improvements, sustainability education, AN EXEMPLAR OF BEST-IN-CLASS SUSTAINABLE AND QUALITY PRACTICES 12 4

knowledge advancement, and investments. Together, we will create the conditions for the HKUST community to thrive sustainably within planetary resource boundaries. The University recognizes that our aspirations will require additional financial resources. While exploring different financing options and seeking to diversify our income streams, we will exercise prudence in financial planning to ensure adequate resources for our existing operations and new strategic initiatives. Our fundraising capabilities and support network will be advanced and extended for sustainable development of the University. 13

HKUST takes pride in being a community that celebrates diversity and values individuals with varying backgrounds and perspectives. To further harness the power of diversity, we plan to widen our efforts to recruit diverse talents and fortify our alumni community worldwide. Given the current geopolitical situation, it is crucial that we create and maintain an inclusive and open environment and expand our partnerships from all over the world in order to ensure our continued success. From Diversity to In nity HKUST values and respects the diversity of people, experiences, and ideas. The strength of different perspectives and open-minded inquiry underpins our academic vigor and creativity. We are expanding our efforts to attract faculty with different backgrounds from around the world to advance scholarship and uncover new discoveries. We celebrate and support students of diverse cultures, abilities and achievements with targeted admission and scholarship schemes, unleashing their boundless potential. Our alumni are a valuable source of diversity. As the alumni network continues to grow and expand geographically, our alumni bring new perspectives and ideas to the HKUST community, sparking innovation and creativity. We strengthen the relationship between graduates and the alma mater through alumni groups/ associations and university-wide events. We also cultivate a culture of care through alumni mentorship programs and the concept of alumni relocation hosts. Celebrating Inclusiveness and Openness Creating and nourishing an inclusive and open environment is a vital component to our commitment to diversity. By promoting diversity and equal opportunities, expanding community engagement initiatives, as well as offering inclusive facilities and services, our members are encouraged to embrace and value differences, to learn from each other, and cultivate a mindset that supports inclusiveness, collegiality, and respect. We also foster open communication through thematic academic events, information sharing, and creative arts. Global connectivity and Mainland engagement are fundamental to our excellence. The University reaf rms its commitment to being an open academic nexus that appreciates diverse ideas, welcomes competing perspectives, and embraces new opportunities. This will be achieved by overseas thematic research collaboration, international academic alliances, ampli ed communication of our achievements with the world, and hosting major global academic events. To deepen our A CHAMPION OF DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVENESS, AND OPENNESS 14 5

collaboration with Mainland partners, we continue to expand our footprint in strategic locations, and leverage our Mainland platforms in Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangzhou, and Beijing as well as our strategic partnership with HKUST(GZ). Additionally, we provide more and more global and Mainland learning opportunities to students to broaden their horizons. 15

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