Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition Award The project entitled “24GHz RADAR Design for Design for Driverless Vehicles” by three UG alumni Chun Fai LAM, Sil Kwong TSE and Wai Sing WONG, received the Merit Award in the “HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition Award: For Students of Electronic Engineering or Related Engineering Fields” in 2019. COVID-19 Open Research Challenge A question answering and summarization system developed by a team from CAiRE won one of the ten tasks of the COVID-19 Open Research Challenge (CORD-19) on Kaggle. Competition is an essential part of the undergraduate education. Students can hone the skills they learned in class through working in teams with ECE and other engineering students to participate in local, regional and international competitions. Through various creative and technical challenges, students learn to develop a true engineering mindset. 16