Oracle Bone Calligraphy Exhibition of Xie Chunling

《合集》27522 釋文: (下至上右起左行)其侑妣庚, 入自己夕祼酒。 叀 住酒。 叀 入自祼酒。 (『 』為甲骨文語氣詞。) 譯文: 行侑求之祭於先妣名妣庚者,從己日晚間進入行祼酒之祭麽麼? 晚上人們安息之時(行祭)麼? 還是稍早掌燈時分進入行祼酒之祭呢? 注釋: 『 』『住』『夕』(反白突顯字)均為殷商時代指稱晚間的時稱。『 』 字像人持草木為炬,表示天黑後掌燈之時;『住』指稍晚人安息之時, 『夕』指夜半,或泛指整個夜間。 “ ”(Re?),“住”(Zhu)and“夕”(Xi)all generally referred to different time periods at night in the Yin Shang Dynasty. The character“ ” resembled a person on his knees holding a torch indicating that it was getting dark.“住”referred to the time to go to sleep.“夕”represented either midnight specifically or the entire night. This piece was a divination on whether it would be appropriate to offer sacrifice in a specific period to honor Shang King’s deceased mother. Time periods at night (2021) 87cm x 20cm 9 【時】系列 “The Calendar” Series