Oracle Bone Calligraphy Exhibition of Xie Chunling

16 釋文:(左起右行)[追]……午……。壬午卜,[ 㱿 ]……臣 羌, (幸)。 譯文:追捕……[壬] 午……。壬午日占卜,貞人 㱿㱿 㱿 [卜問],有多個僕隸 逃往羌(方國/地名),(派人追逃)逮住了麼? 注: ,像施於手上的手銬之形。隸作 㚔 (今作『幸』。音ni è )。 A divination on whether the escaped slaves were captured. The character resembles an image of a handcuff. 釋文(1):(中右起左行)乙亥卜,貞令多馬、亞 遘 省 廩至于 侯,从 水从垂侯。九月。 譯文(1):乙亥日占卜,卜問命令馬隊的武官名 者與貴族 會合,巡 查檢視 地之倉廩,一直到達 侯之地,再沿 水出發率領 垂侯麼?這是九月卜問的。 釋文(2):(右左起右行)貞勿省在南廩。 譯文(2):卜問问 ,不必巡查檢視南地的倉廩了吧? There are two groups of inscriptions on this piece of oracle bone, addressing the questions whether: (1) the King should issue an order for the officials to inspect the granaries along with the nobles; and (2) there was no need to inspect the granaries. 香港大學美術博物館藏品 From the Collection of University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong 8.4cm (L) x 7cm (W) x 3cm (D) 7.7cm (L) x 6cm (W) x 0.5cm (D)