Oracle Bone Calligraphy Exhibition of Xie Chunling

17 釋文: (下至上右起左行) 貞[我]不[其]受黍[年]。 貞勿令 侯歸。 貞我受黍年。 貞令 侯歸。 貞我不其受稻年。 侑于妣庚。 貞我受稻年。 侑于妣。 貞勿令 侯歸。 此骨片有四組卜辭。 譯文(1):卜問,我商王國會得到黍子的好收成麼? 卜問,我商王國不會得到黍子的好收成麼? 譯文(2):卜問,我商王國會得到稻子的好收成麼? 卜問,我商王國不會得到稻子的好收成麼? 譯文(3):卜問,命令諸侯名 者歸來麼? 卜問,不命令諸侯名 者歸來麼? 譯文(4):行侑求之祭于先妣名妣庚者麼? 行侑求之祭于先妣[庚]? There are four groups of inscriptions in this piece of oracle bone, addressing the questions whether (1) Shang territory would have good harvest; (2) to command the officer, named Chang, to return; and (3) it would be appropriate to hold rituals named“侑”to offer sacrifice to the deceased mother of Shang King. 香港大學美術博物館藏品 From the Collection of University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong 23cm (L) x 2.5cm (W) x 0.8cm (D)